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Introducing, Quornesha S. Tarot™ Images used with permission. The Owl Is card one! 77 More to follow!  All rights reserved © Please see Legal terms before taking any action on behalf of this section.

Fortune (Tarot) Cards Made by Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant(Media + Personal) (Egyptian Healer & Medium) Master Began on 10/11/15 Completed on 4/5/2016

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Card 15 The conclusion of changes or a chapter in your life. Relief after the storm or pain. 


Card 16 Confidence within reach. Must dig deeper within the self to know the source of it.


Card 17 Success From Efforts and Hard work. 


Card 18 Do not hinder others from their own perspective, what you see is for your taking alone. (Card courtesy of a channel from Mother Teresa)


Card 19 Sit and contemplate what YOU want out of life. As A chapter is concluding and it’s time to believe you can have that which you give to others. 


Card 20 Moving on and doing just fine, new beginnings/awakenings.


Card 21 Trust your inner feelings.

Card 22  take caution and listen to the forewarning within your mind and heart, repeating to you. “all that glitters on the surface is not always golden within” Listen to those intuitive tugs’. ©


Card 23:  This card assures a leave of absence of some kind, no matter what, to which regard as it puts the purpose first. ©
Card 24: Release words or things that do not resonate with you anymore. ©
Card 25 Avoiding dangers and traps ©
Card 26 Use words and phrases to describe how you truthfully feel about your work and do not deny your abilities.  ©
Card 27: Karma on your side. Clarity on all levels and everything working out for your good. © Quornesha.com
Card 28 You can cease worries now, Success, your breakthrough and freedom is confirmed. ©quornesha.com
Card 29 Your personal choices and decisions are supported, time to release external obsessions to excel. all rights reserved ©
Card 30 Make a decision, and do not procrastinate. A made up mind, counteracts confusion. ©Quornesha.com
Card 31 Be okay with ‘ships’ who pass through your life. ©Quornesha S. Tarot
Card 32 Encouragement to continue ahead so that you will be able to focus. Relationships or friendships ‘seem’ to fall apart. ©Quornesha.com
Card Number 33 What no longer serves you has been released. ©Quornesha.com
Card Number 34 Take action and avoid pondering your decisions further. ©quornesha.com
Card 35 Something leaving your life and new beginnings, being assessed. ©quornesha.com
Card Number 36 Having all of your needs met. Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com Images used with permission
Card 37 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ Empowerment from heaven is coming your way. ©Quornesha.com
Quornesha S. Tarot™ Card 38 Be helpful and diplomatic, versus, oversharing. Care and concern is needed at this time. -©quornesha.com
Quornesha S. Tarot™ Card 39 Do not Hold onto closing doors, shift your focus and move forward. ©Quornesha.com
Quornesha S. Tarot™ Do it anyway, as Mother Teresa Would say, ©Quornesha.com
Quornesha S. Tarot™ Card Number 41
Card Number 42 in Quornesha S. Tarot™




Card 43 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ Accepting the hard and honest truth about yourself, your past and everything else. ©quornesha.com
Card 44 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ Just as Card 11 says, one day you will need the information you put out there. Do not be negative. ©Quornesha.com
Card 45 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com
Quornesha S. Tarot Card 46 Setting Positive and empowering boundaries for yourself.
Card 47 of Quornesha S. Tarot™ You will enjoy more freedom and responsibility over your environment and finances. ©Quornesha.com
Card 48 Quornesha S. Tarot™  It’s time to be generous! And receive in turn. ©Quornesha.com
Card 49 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©Quornesha.com
Card 50 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ All rights reserved ©quornesha.com
Quornesha S. Tarot™ Card 51 ©quornesha.com
©Quornesha.com Quornesha S. Tarot Card 52
Card Number 53 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ Your Environment is changing. For your good.
Card #54 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ Trust in those forthcoming, putting things in the past. ©quornesha.com
Card  55 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com
Sudden change has come in your life. Diving timing has arrived. ©quornesha.com Card 56 In Quornesha S. Tarot™
©quornesha.com Card number 57 in Quornesha S. Tarot™
©Quornesha.com Card 58 in Quornesha S. Tarot™
Card 59 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com
Card 60 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com
Card 61 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ It’s time to feng shui your life. ©quornesha.com
Card 62 ©Quornesha.com  Quornesha S. Tarot™ Aura Needs cleansing.
©quornesha.com Quornesha S. Tarot™ Card Number 63
Quornesha S. Tarot™ Card number 64 ©quornesha.com
©Take your leap of faith! You will find support where you least expect it. ©quornesha.com Card 65 In Quornesha S. Tarot™
Something is coming to it’s end, you see light where things were dark. ©quornesha.com Card Number 66 in Quornesha S. Tarot™’
Situations receive clarity or you receive hindsight about an issue, be grateful for your closing doors or conclusions. Namaste, Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com Card #67
Continue Practicing Meaningful work and your harmony will flow consistently . ©Quornesha S. Tarot™  ©quornesha.com Card #68
©Quornesha.com Card #69 All rights reserved Quornesha S. Tarot™
©quornesha.com All rights to written work reserved. Card #70 in Quornesha S. Tarot™
Card # 71 In Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com
Card Number 72 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©Quornesha.com
©quornesha.com Card #73 Quornesha S. Tarot™
Card #74 in Quornesha S. Tarot™ ©quornesha.com
©quornesha.com Card #75 in Quornesha S. Tarot™
©quornesha.com Card #76 In Quornesha S. Tarot
©quornesha.com Card #77 in Quornesha S. Tarot™
©quornesha.com Card #78 in Quornesha S. Tarot™


Quornesha S., 

Dream Interpretations, Quornesha S. Tarot or Angel Number Meanings $88.10 Each

All rights reserved ©

Images Used with permission


“I met Quornesha a couple of years ago while shopping in Kroger’s. Our conversation began from Angel numbers that were the total of my grocery purchase at Kroger’s. She gave me positive insight on the Angel numbers and advised me of her profession and to check out her website. I contacted Quornesha and she prayed with me and advised me of current experiences and future experiences from the coversation we were having. She was precise and accurate. I have contacted Quornesha several times and was always pleased with her channel and accurate information. She is the best! Polite,curtious, and accurate. I will always use her services!”

Ms. Vicky

OMG! This prayer is so beautiful and addresses all of my issues with my husband and family. I feel so good after reading the prayer. I know God is working on my situation and all matters Will work out for the good. Thanks for the prayer and the healing link. May God our heavenly father continue to bless you and your family. May God’s glorious light continue to shine on you and give you peace. Thanks again! Keep the love and light flowing!

Ms. Vicky

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