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My Name is Quornesha Silas Lemon,  a Professional Shamanic Priestess & Author, certified in Reiki Healing, Life & Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Hypnosis, Initiated into the Munay Ki & Black Elk Healing and I work with the Orishas/Ancestors To manifest Positive and Powerful Life Changes for Myself and Clients. My writings are based on the paranormal, angel numbers and messages, dreams and visions.

My Book, The Book of Prophecies: Whispers, Channels, Prophecies & Visions is now available for purchase (Volumes 1 & Volumes 2) .   (Fee Includes Shipping & Handling)

This blog contains many channelings from the angels, animal kingdom, ancestors, and the synchronicities of the universe. Again, they are available in book form.

Ase & Shalom,

Quornesha S. Lemon