Decoding The Term ‘ Beware of False Prophets’

Channel from Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: Beware of False Prophets, or so it has been preached over a million times. So today, I am decoding this term for better understanding and clarity as to what it truly means. First off, anyone who is human should not use these terms, as We are all subject to sin, or disorder or causing harm to others through lies, betrayal and the likes.

Skepticism: Until you can prove that it is actual ‘false fact’, you cannot lay claim that anything is false. Metaphor, You visit an Asian restaurant and typically an Asian serves you, he or she is rude and you deem before leaving that, Asians are rude, impeccable and not easy to get along with. In fact, you have not stepped outside of your boundaries and searched all of Asia, All of Where they come from, because to deem that they all come from Asia is also a False Prophecy.

What Are False Prophets: Any woman or man who discriminates his or her marriage vows to commit adultery with another person other than their wife or husband. Any person who claims to know another person without deeply evaluating themselves, as they are placing their inner reflections and emotions onto somebody else.

Prophecy: Any person who rejects another because of what they think they see on the surface, without actual proof. Is considered to be falsely prophesying. Any mother who brings a child into our world and rejects to not only raise him or her is also Falsely Prophesying as, This is an agreement they made with their higher power and Karma is to follow such actions. Any person, who says they are of love, yet hate is considered to be falsely prophesying. Any Minister or Ministry who claims to use funds or resources for the congregation but for his or her own well being instead of being truthful and claiming the ministry as his or her business is considered a false prophet. Any person who calls another out about his or her flaws, yet her or she has emotional baggage or skeletons in his or her closet, is considered a false prophet.

Any person claiming to be of the Christ mind, yet are judgmental of others, as Christ taught all, not only followers to love those that hate you, misuse you or persecute you, is a false prophet.

Any person who imdemnifies another for his or her sins yet is a sinner him or herself, is a False prophet. Any person who spotlights another’s flaws, yet are applying emotional makeup to cover up his or her own.. Is a false prophet. Anyone who Judges another’s judgement.

Anyone who isn’t there authentic self, putting on an image for friendship, social fame, or popularity is falsely prophesying until he or she decides to fully be himself. Remember, only you are responsible for the way you feel. When someone says something that you do not like and you react to it by requesting that they show some respect, is also considered to falsely prophecy. Only you are responsible for your happiness. You cannot make anyone as yourself, or to have courtesy to you, or to give you the respect you deserve. You are responsible for giving that all to yourself. No one has to lower their vibration to respect your space. Until you raise your own vibrations, you are consumed and at the mercy of those around you. Only you are responsible for how you feel.

Intuitive Conclusions: Any person whose afraid to follow his or her dreams and fully live and love their own life, out of fear of what people will think of you.  is A False prophet to his or her own way. Any person who tries to dominate another to get his or her own way, is considered a false teacher or prophet. Instead of being him or herself in order to inherit his or her own voice.

Any person whose personality is different to those he or she claims to love than to those he or she claims admires him or her. Any person who looks upon another, with evil eye or intention to dim another’s light, is a false prophet. Anyone who diverts someone attention from thinking positive into thinking negative and thoughts of challenge and victim mentality is a false prophet.

Any person who commits acts of violence, hate crime, are all false prophets.

Telling or thinking someone does not deserve something that they claim or receive or hope for, is considered false prophecy. As you would not undermine yourself, if you win or receive something. You’ll feel like you deserve it in some way.

Anyone who seeks forgiveness but has bitterness in their hearts.

Any person who interprets another without actual proof that this is who that person is.

Beware of false prophets, that is to say, look in the mirror, sweep around your own front door, take care of your own backyard, as When the skeletons come out of it, You can blame no one but yourself as you were tending to the lawn of someone else instead of taking care of your own business. If you do something/someone a wrong, that is considered to be false prophecy. We cannot do harm and claim to be soul of a Divine creator all at the same time.

Rich In Power℠

Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Psychic Medium

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly and with all due respect.


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