2016 Forecast: Year of The Monkey

Channel by Quornesha S., Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer: 2016, What a year it will be. First of all I channeled the Year to be Lucky colors of Blue, Green and Yellow and reassessed and considered Yellow blue and white. In fact all of these colors are beneficial in the year ahead. Lucky colors = Gold, Blue and White) Very influential colors.

With the monkey being the hierarchy of the Year, It will definitely be some very playful or shall I say sense of humor energy. It is definitely an emotional year, due to the presence of the Monkey.

The Symbolic Meaning Of the Monkey; Briefly: A Monkey’s energy is usually very playful, vibrant and curious. So it’s only natural and normal that It will be a time of play and hard work and lots of energy. And, emotions too! The Monkey is often used in research to record the human emotion. They are much similar to us. But they don’t look like us at all. Only through actions and responses…at least most of us anyway. The lucky numbers of the Monkey are 1 7 8, in numerology and angel or confirmation numbers this is a very high vibration. One where achievements and success or stability is accessible and will be attained.

1+7=8 8+8=16 1+6=7 Thus, 2016 Will have the vibration of the Number 7 and 9 With Nine being the more dominant number. ‘2016’ [ 1+6=7 7+2+0= ‘9‘ empowered! With 7 And 9 Equaling to 16 (2016) and 16 Still coming back to 7.

Much anxiety in this year, but it can be countered by Lots of comedy, laughter and not taking things so seriously. A Very bright year for those in comedy! 2015 was a great year to start anything hilarious, so bravo if you’ve got a head-start. Lots of travel in the year ahead.

Also, to keep family relationships in order or in check it’s best to walk away from situations to avoid saying anything you cannot retract. Acts of Kindness will balance much of the trepidation 2016 will cause all of us. From January to December the Year will be LIVE, it’s not official until February 8! According to calculations. This is neither a WOMAN or MAN year, however, 2016 will call for much compromise and working together.

Prophecy: However, those who dislike authority or being asked to do something, may not find it too favorable as it may call for them to learn some team work or effort. Just remember though, you’re not required to do anything you do not resonate with. But compromise must be made in the year ahead.

Intuitive Conclusions: Don’t be tardy for the Party, as this year will force us all to get out of the house, take risks, travel. A very busy year at the airports. However technology will not be so favorable. I see lots of frustrations with technology and it’s industry. This year calls for patience or endurance, not in projects, but in the lines of course. You may find that you’ll have to wait for a table at your favorite restaurant that before, didn’t seem as crowded. People will be out and about, so what do we expect. It’s best to learn how to be around those you don’t know now, than later. Lots of new and strange faces. Or so it seems. A very sociable year for us all. We need it too, the world is way too silent. Best to buy backup drives this year. Feng shui is one of the greatest cures, yet, we will still experience some offsets. A year of Endurance. It’s lesson? Patience, authenticity!

In relationships, listen, listen and listen. That’s the only way to offset some of the anxieties in this scenario. Much calmer if we go out and play. And often.

An exciting political year, for sure. So close too!

Begin the year with prayer, meditations or mantras and it offsets much stress. No resolutions as these plans will obviously go out the window. No extreme makeovers to self or home. Not a very good year to make such moves (home and dramatic makeovers), all of the noise and it may be out of desperation rather than need.

Monkeys are actually quite lucky, so 2016 will be a test of your will or faith, as to how you’ll be able to handle such high vibration.

Quornesha S., 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

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I am certified in stress management, with immense training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology (Science of Happiness), Life coaching and Project Management. With the intention to empower Success, Well being and stability.

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