Traffic Signs, Symbolic Meanings

Traffic signs. Channeled and Observed through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Business Owners + Entrepreneurs| These Symbolic Interpretations apply to your waking life as well as your dreams, Visions and flashes. 

Pay close attention to the repeated messages in traffic. Billboards often depict messages 4 your highest good while street signs forewarn of oncoming dangers.

Turn back high waters.
This relationship or project May not be a match for the soul. Causing deep wounds such as depression or anxiety. There are many ‘secrets’ associated with the person or project in question that may cause the person inquiring to leave a mark on the soul and psyche. Listen and let go.

Messages on vehicles are often blessings in disguise. Pay attention to the symbolic message of the numbers associated with vehicles and any letters or words if any.

Messages that caution to slow down.

-ARE we taking things too fast?

-What areas of our lives are we being wreckless and careless about?

Walk signal, it’s time to move forward after much patience and stress.

The hand, the need to wait your turn or look to inner resources as what you are requesting you already have, open your heart and be receptive to your spiritual truth.

Train: Depending on whether the train is sitting still or in motion: In motion this is an obstacle you’re easily overcoming. A standstill train represents an obstacle you have the option of rerouting from. This is in your own hands if you’re willing to speak up and take another direction.

Not too much traffic? The opportunity to contemplate the next steps.

Stop Signs: change your thinking, these are only fears.

Yield: Time to consider others and being caring towards another

Dead end Streets: This project or idea does not serve you, in part, because your authentic self does not shine in it. Time to switch lanes. 

Too much traffic, a fair warning to plan ahead in projects. This project is associated to be bigger than you may foresee or believe. 

Green lights one after the other. Means a smooth transition or mobility ahead. In your dream. Product or idea. [Flashing Green Lights] What are YOU waiting for, all roads are open, take your direction and look closely and carefully.

Caution:  Someone  or something may not be what it or they appear on the surface, take caution.

Yellow light. Take time to meditate on a situation.  You are being urged to slow down [Flashing Yellow Lights]: Hold on a little while longer and things will pick up, shouldn’t be years or even months, this situation is only momentarily.

Horses or carriages in traffic? There is another way to get projects done and achieved in a more efficient way if you’re open to it. Also represents fortune in business. Dreams and ideas.

Constant Red lights. Its time to let go and move on from something that may have you waiting on an answer. Response or otherwise.  Anyone who hesitates has already made their decision.
It can also symbolize the need to stop and think yourself. [Flashing red lights]: The need to speak up about procrastination in order to move ahead.

Curves and slopes often depict a reminder that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Ask your soul or higher self  Is it worth it? You’ll know what is and what isn’t and make your decisions accordingly.

School zone lights. The need to offer genuine concern for those who need it. Humanitarian projects.

Freeways: the need for an avenue of self expression and the prerequisite  to consider, You’re not the only expressive individual in the room. Time to consider others and let go of hoarding everything for yourself.

What do you see around you?  What type of vehicles frequently pass your way? Time to consider others.

The routes we frequent are often our next steps to take until we meet our next steps and the next and the next.

Traffic Cones? Something slowing you down, it could have a purpose or perhaps it is someone’s ego trying to block your way from progressing forward. See yourself in a greater way and all subjection to ego will pass.

Taxis in traffic? The need to lean on others for support, there’s no need to be obsessively independent when others are willing to offer help.

Police cars in traffic, Competition and quite often not for the benefit of all involved.

Fire trucks and ambulances: the need to let go of a situation and surrender it to a higher power. Angels can offer some assistance and clarity at this time.

Emergency vehicles represent a change in the home life or where you live. This move is Divinley orchestrated and cannot be undone once complete.  It’s up you to trust what is ahead and the roads you are guided to make. A conclusion to your present circumstances is now underway. Face the inevitable.  Although these Changes or move(s) will be painful.  Letting go of relationships. Friendship and neighbors it is necessary and for your highest good.  Time to move on.

Emergency vehicles *fire trucks. Ambulances.  Etc*  foretells a move is imminent and this will be a move you cannot revert from. Prepare yourself for a residential completion.


Turn Pikes? Big changes in one’s life are ahead. Be careful what you wish for.

Roads that merge? A reunion of some kind.

Roads that part or separate? Moving on from situations that have ended.

Construction while driving: The resources to build upon your dreams and plans.

Up hill roads? Giving it your all before giving up or in.

Snow or sleety roads: The Need to prepare and insure, to take heed to your inner intuition so that you will arrive at your destination with all required no matter what you may have to face.

Signs are all around you. Take time ‘out to look’.

*Be sure to obey the laws and rules of your state comptroller, as this is a symbolic perspective of traffic signs and ‘wonders’. *Also note,  I hold no liability for anyone’s driving or lack thereof. All are self responsible for paying attention and staying safe on the road when driving.


Quornesha S.

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect 

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