Praying Mantis Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Businesses and Spiritual Entrepreneurs: The praying mantis, when seen in dreams, waking life, paintings, synchronicity, during or after an awakening period Is a prophecy of assertiveness and spirituality.

The praying mantis is symbolic for: Awakening, Completion, New beginning, prosperity, spirituality, duality, empowerment, manifesting, achievements, letting go, detachment, going within, inner wisdom, intuitive, knowledge, clarity, understanding.

Spirituality will be heightened and any career based in your authentic truth within your spiritual beliefs, will excel. It is time to release the pain of yesterday. The pain of the past. While it is uneasy to release the memory of situations in particular it is now time to move on from them. Many lessons and the wisdom has been obtained and you are free to move ahead in the news that may be forthcoming.

The praying mantis represents your openness to your own spirituality and beliefs. This period will enhance your life. Taking any courses to enhance your abilities are well noted and supernaturally supported. Or, Meditating to enhance your innate abilities.

Psychic Note: The praying mantis appears as a message that things are clear for new beginnings. Now is the time to build spiritual relationships, beginning within yourself. This is a very positive omen to see the praying mantis, after making much needed changes within your life. Now is the time to discover what resonates with your soul. Doing things that are in the vibration and for the highest good of your spiritual well-being.

Intuitive Conclusions: Being in vibration with your purpose and soul, generally denotes more happiness and is symbolic of putting yourself first. Not in a way that is of the ego vibration but of loving yourself before you can love someone else.

Miracles may begin to occur in your life, remember to be grateful and understand the pain you may have endured to achieve your new level of success(es)

Your angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides have all been activated to aid you in your quest for a more spiritual life, according to your desires and purpose. It is through your spiritual purpose to which, prosperity will flow.


Quornesha S., 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect

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