Praying Mantis Symbolic Meaning


Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Shaman, Author, Transpersonal Life Coach| with Abilities in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Animal Communication, Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hoodoo Practitioner, And so much more| The praying mantis, when seen in dreams, waking life, paintings, synchronicity, during or after an awakening period Is a prophecy of assertiveness and spirituality.

The praying mantis is symbolic for Awakening, Completion, New beginning, prosperity, spirituality, duality, empowerment, manifesting, achievements, letting go, detachment, going within, inner wisdom, intuitive, knowledge, clarity, understanding.

Spirituality will be heightened and any career based on your authentic truth within your spiritual beliefs will excel. It is time to release the pain of yesterday. The pain of the past. While it is uneasy to release the memory of situations, in particular, it is now time to move on from them. Many lessons and the wisdom has been obtained and you are free to move ahead in the news that may be forthcoming.

Shamanic Animal/Dream Interpretation

I will do a small shamanic animal/dream interpretation for you, that may have occurred in your waking life, dreams, visions or synchronicities.


The praying mantis represents your openness to your own spirituality and beliefs. This period will enhance your life. Taking any courses to enhance your abilities are well noted and supernaturally supported. Or, Meditating to enhance your innate abilities.

Psychic Note: The praying mantis appears as a message that things are clear for new beginnings. Now is the time to build spiritual relationships, beginning within yourself. This is a very positive omen to see the praying mantis, after making much-needed changes in your life. Now is the time to discover what resonates with your soul. Doing things that are in the vibration and for the highest good of your spiritual well-being.

Fortune Reading

With this reading, I can help you foretell forthcoming events associated with life changes, career moves, marriage, house moves, etc. I can reveal the surrounding energy in regards to the change you are trying to make. This reading is delivered by email only. So, please send your payment with an accurate email address, to which you have access to. This reading service is only for a channeled reading of 3 Aspects: for example: personal, finance, career. If you'd like me to read any particular aspect, please let me know. Thank you! ~Quornesha S. Lemon ©Quornesha S. Lemon Consulting


Intuitive Conclusions: Being in vibration with your purpose and soul, generally denotes more happiness and is symbolic of putting yourself first. Not in a way that is of the ego vibration but of loving yourself before you can love someone else.

Miracles may begin to occur in your life, remember to be grateful and understand the pain you may have endured to achieve your new level of success(es)

Your angels ascended masters, and spirit guides have all been activated to aid you in your quest for a more spiritual life, according to your desires and purpose. It is through your spiritual purpose to which, prosperity will flow.


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  1. Kendra

    A super big one was on my head! I had no idea until it started towards my face.. And it was while I was in my morning worship! How ironic is that..


  2. Christy Simpson

    One was on my door when I can home tonight and it started flying right towards me when my hubby opened the door; immediately I thought to look up the meanings of why I am seeing a Mantis now. I haven’t seen many in my life and seeing one now was not a coincidence! Thanks for this post because it has answered a lot of my questions about this Praying Mantis sighting.


  3. Patricia Kessinger

    Just getting ready to begin Kundalini Yoga classes in my new neighborhood park. Feel this dear loving spirit which appeared on my lampshde beside my bed out of who knows where came to confirm my act of faith to reach out to others in love with my decision to do this. I am excited. My 72nd BD was yesterday!


  4. Sylvia Rodriguez

    Yester day evening found praying mantis right next to me sitting on my iPad. Picked up my iPad and took it out to the garden before ny dog saw it. This evening it was right back next to me on the same table. Freaked me out a bit but this time I didn’t move it.


  5. Kevin

    I was making an egg and heard a strange noise that sounded like a bird had just flew by me. When I turned around I saw the Mantis on my kitchen wall crawling towards a sign that says grateful. Shortly after my sister walked in and we both were trying to figure out what to do. After she came up with the idea to put it in a cup I grabbed one and used it to transport the creature outside. It has been out there for hours now and is staring at me like he wants to come back in.


  6. Harley Camisado

    I’ve seen three of them in the last week and a half, I am praying thru this transition phase of my life more than i ever have! Ive cut off so many people so i can love me…this is spot on.


  7. mantra

    Just woke to one in my bed. A beautiful sight. My spiritual senses have been really heightened lately. Earlier today a Blue Butterfly landed on my thigh. This is all happened after a moment of clarity when I realized I had not been doing or asking of spirit
    for something specific to manifest in my life. I take these sightings as cues and confirmation to go forth within my destiny. This article is also confirmation. Thank you ❤


  8. Angie

    Hello ,
    I cant thankyou enough. So many things are happening. First of all seeing a praying mantis is not easy where i live. You never see them. But in the past month I have seen them twice. Both times by my door. I am currently going through a major transformation. I have been through the rut and recently started to pick myself up. i am a physical and emotional empath, claircognizant and i believe claiaudient. I am going through so many changes and reading this made my night. Blessings to you and everyone reading.


  9. Britney

    I have been having a lot of stress lately and chaos but this morning I looked out my window of my bedroom and saw a praying mantis and now I believe everything will be okay 🙂


  10. Laura

    Thank you. After seeing a praying mantis on my back porch all summer – moving from plant to plant and making random appearances – I knew something was up. Then today while mowing – yet another. And his is the second one while mowing this summer. I knew a strong message was being sent and had a feeling what it was – your reading is spot on. So spot on that if I didn’t know better – I’d say by best friend just described me. Blessings to you.


  11. Jamie

    I saw a beautiful mantis at recess today with my students. I have heard in the past that seeing them is a sign of something but I didn’t understand what purpose it served. To be honest I am still slightly confused as to why I saw it and what it means. I just have this deep feeling that I was suppose to see it.


  12. Erica

    I was leaving work and felt something on my head. Did not think too much of it until i got to my car and saw two eyes looking at me in the reflection of the car window. At first i thought it was a grasshopper but once i thought about it some more i realized it was a praying mantis on my HEAD!! It was waaaay to big to be a grasshopper. I of course screamed but it flew off my head and flew higher than i ever thought praying mantis’ could fly. From readings on the internet i see that this was a clear message. Not sure what the message is but i actually feel lucky and thats weird because i do not like bugs lol. Any insight would be great.


  13. Himanshu

    May God’s blessings and peace be with you and be with me, I need your help.
    I have lost everything in my life, I have a good job, I earned a lot but I invested in a wrong venture and I lost every single penny that I had.
    My life has been shattered and I have become hopeless.

    Recently, I have got an offer to switch the job and I really very scared to hop into that new job.

    I believe in angels and god. I have been seeing lot of butterflies recently , just too many. I am unable to decide whether to switch the job or not.
    Today, I was very depressed with things happening around and wandering about new job and I saw a green mantis on my way. I was not suppose to take that way but somehow I took that lane and I saw mantis.

    What can this symbolise ? Should I switch the job ?Please help. Thank you.


  14. Heather Lee

    Beautiful website. Thank you sister! I received the answers through your words, during my time of awakening. May the blessings be bestowed upon you and yours. Thank you again?


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