Greetings, This blog is available publicly. And at no charge to the readers in the wisdom gathered. However, you do not own it. It is only sharing of the wisdom for the purpose of enlightenment. I could, however, have put this information in a book and never would you know about any of it, unless you paid for it.

I am not obligated to share any of the wisdom here with anyone, but I have. I say this because I’m not here for the ridiculous harassment through the contact forms, call, nor comments about what you don’t like about disclaimers or wanting more info. If it is here, it’s because I want it to be if I didn’t share it, it means it needs to be paid for.

With that said, you’re welcome to never visit this website ever again if that is your choice. A book may be available at a later time and may not include much of the disclaimers or such. Anyone who can complain about free information on the internet and how it’s disclaimers made them miserable is already miserable. Beggers cannot be choosy.  Even if you’re not begging for it, I do not have to bend over backward to be sure that all I say pleases you. I am not roses and rainbows all the time just because I write about angels.  I do cuss stupid people out from time to time. And it feels fucking good. So, please, enough with the bull shit. And I hope that any of the so-called joy you hope that I have is something you pray for yourself.

Also, go vote and change how the world is going. Stop being petty by trying to change others. Fix and work on yourself before pointing fingers. My number, attitude, or anything will not change. You don’t get to go to anyone’s house and adjust their home to your liking. Same goes here. It is exactly how I want it to be. So, if you have a problem with ads or disclaimers on this site, the problem was already there and you were just triggered. Get help. who are you to try and tell anyone how or when to be powerful? The only person you can control is yourself. You’ve got the right one. By the way, I am happy enough. Which is also none of anyone’s business. Just because you don’t see it all on Instagram or anything doesn’t mean I’m not. Who are you to think you’re any better than me or anyone else? The answer is no one. Privilege does not work with me and I am not afraid of anything or anyone. My information is public for that very reason. Feeling flippy? Go ahead and try it. BOOOP! Evil eyes right back to you. Whatever you’re sending returns right back to you. Lighten the fuck up. It’s not even that serious. If you can’t rise above some ads or disclaimers, you can’t rise above the trivialities of life. In that order.

By the way, the information here can also be turned to where it does not benefit you and your harassing ways, whatsoever. Let’s see how you feel when everyone else around you gets blessed but you. Stop with the buffoonery karma is real!