Cloak Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S.: Oracle of Divine Wisdom + Symbolism

A Cloak in your waking life, dreams, visions and synchronicity: A Cloak in general is a sign of protection from harm.  It is also a representation that Worries or fears are now diminishing.

It’s Supernatural: It symbolizes the supernatural, the spirit realm, the hermit, a journey (spiritual) Represents the mind, body and spirit. The avoidance from danger. The Cloak is also a talisman from harm, keeping one safe and secure throughout transitions.

Power: It is a reminder that our inner divinity or wisdom is guiding us in the right directions. To steer clear of habits or a series of thoughts or imaginations that do not provide balance nor harmony.

Soul: The Cloak is a representation of the soul. Often, Our own thoughts can be a representation of false prophecy. We are asked to decode our dreams or visions as we need to look closer or stand afar to see the broader or grander picture.

Interpretations: Signs, prophecies or interpretations are not always obvious. Instead illusions that veil the truth of matters. The best interpretations of any dream or situations happening in your life, is to put all puzzle pieces together in order to solve the mystery that is hidden. You are to understand that at this time, people are speaking of their own story and their own testimony and it is for you to decipher what it means for you at this time.

This is only a test, your final test: Signs are appearing at this time as your final examination before your transition into new territory.

Working together for your highest good; Seeing a cloak in your dreams and waking life or visions and readings it is a reminder that while there may be forces at work, all is working out for your higher good. You may find that what you were concerned about is no longer a priority. A time of struggle has come to an end in your life. And you are free to move ahead toward; victory, success, stability, happiness, peace.

Revelations: What is done in the dark, comes to the light at this time. Know that the reason behind your present actions, are between you and whom you believe your creator to be.

A new vision awaits you, so pay close attention to upcoming prophecies and remember, that anything you do not resonate with you are free to let it go and change your thoughts or belief patterns in order to change your final outcome.

When you are a tarot card reader, whatever you see in the cards for others is also a representation for you. Prophecy a conclusion, and a conclusion will come to you in some way. Prophecy pain and no way out, you must go through the tests, trials and storms with no way out also.

Take caution in predicting other’s’ future, as you are predicting your own in some way also.

It may be time to change perspectives if all you can foresee is doom. Maybe the way you think about life and the people around you is filled with doubt and less faith. It is now time to work on these situations or constraints.

Affirmation: [And as for me, I see others supporting me, rather than hating me with envy or jealousy]

Do not worry: You must not worry about your foes or enemies. As they are also an enemy unto themselves. It is in perfect timing that they will soon realize this, however, it is not your responsibility to teach them this.

It’s time for you to shine, and a path of struggle and difficulties has finally come to an ending. A new ‘book’ is opening, just as one is closing. You are asked to tell your story, as only you may tell it.

Black cloak: Mystery or Mysticism, Power, 

White cloak: Purity, sanctuary, The whole self

Red cloak: Passion, Grace and Spiritual Abundance

Green Cloak; Nature, Earth and grounding

Blue Cloak: Can represent the lapis lazuli  stone and a color of more empowered protection, rather, all cloaks symbolize protection. 

-Quornesha S. Oracle; 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 


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