Prophecy: What we Need to Address: Reality Television

 Written by Psychic Medium & Intuitive Reiki Master, Quornesha S. Prophecy/Inner Knowing/Wisdom: Taking away reality television will not resolve the issues that go on behind the scenes (in someone’s home, their relationships, etc) Maybe some of it is for entertainment purposes only. But to someone out there it’s a reality. It begins by changing the person whose violent, verbally abusive, manipulative. Taking away the platform does not change the person. You’d still have an issue that needs to be addressed.

If we are passionately disturbed by what we see, it”s time to passionately make a difference to change what we see. This vision tells me, that, if we take it away without addressing the issues or concerns that are displayed on ‘reality television’ means we still have an issue that would debut in another form that which itself will not be good or abundant for our world.

You can try to change the channel to what you interpret as negativity, but the issue needs to be addressed and it crosses paths with you for a reason. Until you start applying to the change you wish to see, it will always be disturbing. Many of us are entertained in some format in what we see. But it’s no longer a joke or sitcom. It’s real.

Something so small can have a huge impact, but until we start showing others how to act, since they don’t yet know or have not been raised to do so, they will continue to display habits that they feel confined to.

If you see everything changing around you and you’re still the same, eventually something will trigger inside of you to make the shift. Each of us, are responsible for our own changes.

Nothing on the outside will ever change you, it’s you, and it always have been.

Rich In Power™,

Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thank you for sharing so kindly + With All Due Respect.

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