The Symbolic Meaning of Sea Shells

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master. Psychic Consultant to Spiritual Businesses + Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Seeing the Sea Shell in your waking life, by the shore, in your dreams, to see them in synchronicity that you have lost something recently which will be replaced in it’s own Divine timing. It is time to focus upon your soul mission and the reason you are here.

Although this loss makes you feel defeated or setback in ‘your plans’. You need to look ahead so that you will not miss out on the opportunities that are unfolding in front of you. Rather than what is lost. If this denotes the ending of a partnership, relationship, or career phase. Get going and you’ll find that everything has occured for a perfect reason. Even though this part of the puzzle has not become clear to you as of yet.

Psychic Note: It is up to you to accept the things you cannot change. You should not lower yourself or your expectations to be anywhere nor in anyway. Always hold yourself in a higher light. Remember to keep a fair spiritual distance from those who wish to complain about life and are not doing anything about it. We must grieve and let it pass.

Symbolic Notations: The Sea shell is also a reminder that no one or situation will ever be perfect. When we cross paths with those or situations that require perfection, these situations or people may cause stumbling blocks rather than empower the steps required to take along your path.

Let go of all negative situations and people. and You will see a lift in the way you see yourself. If these situations cannot be let go of. Embrace your ‘chosen’ world within your mind through meditation. We are not required to love, but to function at our prime we cannot hate either.

If you do not feel that your environment is positive and that it is stale rather than light. Consider meditation and ways to move on from this situation. As it will not serve you for the long term. It is for you to decide. You must choose for yourself. No one is concerned as to how we feel about situations in a manner where they ‘should’ provide pity for our sorrows. Which is why you are asked to move on and get going as you are currently going through transitions that will present a new chapter of yourself for you to enjoy or embrace.

No one is going to hold responsibility for your emotions, rather that is of happiness or sadness. Release the situation and you’ll see the truth of the matter. It is not up to you, what the final outcome may be. At least in scenarios where others may be involved. We cannot deplete ourselves or be deluded that a singular person is worthy of standing still for. You must let go and release all concern. It’s in higher hands.

Prophecy: Although reconciliation is possible when you see the sea shell, it is uncertain. Serve your purpose and new doors will open where others have closed.

Intuitive Conclusions: Moreover, make no vows of eternity to anything nor anyone. Be sure to love the ones you’re  blessed with, as you do not get a second chance, once there souls have moved on.

Do not give your power away by allowing anyone or anything to change you, who you really are. Whether that be views, opinions or perception. Those for you will stand with you, and not intend to mold you, so that they could “love you”.

While these all ring true, your final decision is up to you, and you alone. You cannot fly, holding your own self down. It’s time to reconcile with your inner self. And learn to release guilt about the choices you have made.


Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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4 thoughts on “The Symbolic Meaning of Sea Shells

  1. I awoke about 15 minutes ago (2:50am)
    My puppy was asleep on my blsnket do I tried to move him. A tiny sea Shell appeared from nowhere on my blsnket ! Tingles passed through my entire being! I Google to find meaning of sea Shell and it took mevto your interpretation and it is unbelievably spot on!! I am humbled and grateful for my beautiful angels sending me this message ! Xx


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