Black Billed Amazon [Amazona Agillis] Symbolic Meanings

Channeled through Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant: The Prophecy/Symbolic Message of the Black billed amazon is that you are reaching the fruition of a dream. A financial dream or goal will be reached. This pertains to any dream you have been working on from the heart and soul, IE; helping others to bring about more authenticity, life coaching, healing or any other ‘soul avenue’.

Although much of your patience, and endurance has caused much angst of the next steps to take, or the results of the changes you have made. You are asked not to fear. A windfall/happy outcome is due to come about as a result for hard work and intentions. Although you may not have any idea how these blessings should enter your life or present to you. Do not worry and remember to take positively inspired action and affirm your results.

Declarations and decrees will concrete more of the life you want. When you know you deserve something you see to it that it comes about and not waiver or faint and eventually achieve your desired outcome. When declaring something into the universe be as clear as you possibly can.

Decree: ‘I declare and decree that my life will see the changes I foresee to come about, for my highest and greatest good.

You can be as creative as you wish, invoking the Universe on your behalf. Invoking the angels on your behalf. Create yourself if yourself is not a likable person in your own eyes.

Psychic Note/Thought: If these do not work, you do not believe in them. You can manifest nothing, from what you have no faith in. The Black Billed Amazon is about creating and manifesting the things you want and desire. You’ll see things run more smoothly from here. Remember to be forgiving of what has not served a vital purpose in your life. In a way, you chose it at that point in time and it was of use to you then even if it isn’t now.

Prophecy: It’s time to break free of illusions. You may accomplish something that will pave the way for many others. You are in alignment with your life purpose and reason for being here. Remember that you are constantly changing and nothing is forever. We must learn our lessons and then move on. The Black Billed Amazon is then a Symbol of Illumination, seeing the truth of a situation.

Intuitive Conclusions: Although you have the clarity about life, remember to keep in mind the laws of Request, and The Law of karma. As whatever you put out there, will come back to you. Remember not to be afraid of going after the things you want. As that is your ability naturally to communicate clearly with these energies and vibrations. Release all that is of no further use to you. There are some positive changes that await you when coming across the Black billed Amazon, Whether in your dreams, visions, tattoos, or psychic flashes, paintings, synchronicity, flashbacks etc.

Keep moving forward. As there is nothing behind that is of greater importance to that which lies in front of you. Remember, you deserve your blessings, as much as anyone else. Release all guilt for achieving your dreams, and get on and moving with doing more for yourself and those you feel connected to.

Most of all, don’t strip anyone from learning about life, without them asking or requesting for your wisdom or perspective. Become gratitude.


Quornesha S., 

Rich In Power™

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Thanks for sharing so kindly + with All due respect.

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