Angel Number + Confirmation Number 800

Channeled through Quornesha S., Psychic Consultant The  Number 800 appearing in dreams, synchronicity, paintings, visions and waking life or even through Clairaudient abilities. Is Symbolic for Monetary abundance. Empowerment from the Divine realm into your abilities to generate Prosperity in all ways.

The Lesson IN Disguise: It is time to discover what giving and receiving really means. To be both, a giver and receiver. It is your Divine order in your life or path as of right now. To attain stability and prosperity in your doings or dealings. Moreover, there is no need to persuade anyone, as, if your guidance is not needed, they will not want to buy it.

Knowing the Difference: It’s time to discover, which people want a slice of the cake to celebrate with you and whom of many wish to purchase the whole pie. There’s no need to crank up pitch after pitch and try to present it to all. Whom are you placed to serve? Do you serve to teach compassion? Do you serve to teach empathy? Do you serve to teach confidence? Do you serve to teach others budgeting or time management?

The truth is, many people will only need a piece of what you are offering. And there are plenty or many others who will need the entire pie. It’s up to you to determine who those people are. It’s time to discern your intentions and actions. And align them according to your niche, or your end goal. What goal are you intending to reach? You cannot reach it, throwing it at a wall. In a metaphorical sense, that is what we do when we try to over deliver to someone who just wants a taste of what we have and not the entire confection.

When you truly want something, you put your all into it. It’s time to identify, where your giving path is, and where lies your receiving path.

You are being guided to be receptive to giving and receiving. In order to create or generate further stability along your present course. Once you identify these avenues, things will run more efficiently and you’ll be able to demonstrate freely and gain just as much in return.

Do not force your work onto others, don’t try to over deliver your product or services. Remember, those who want your entire pie, will receive it. There can be no teaching when the student is not ready. So interpret and discern. Give from your heart and be receptive to receive in resonance with your heart also.

Heavenly Help: There’s a whole team of ascended masters, angelic guides, your soul guides, your life purpose, and people in the physical realms, awaiting you to shine your light, so that they can aid you in the process. Belief within your abilities and within yourself means you stand confident, regardless if you give or receive.

  • You can use positive serenity statements so that you will be able to release the attachment on how you are going to receive.

Serenity Statements: No matter what happens today, I am prosperous and I will and shall succeed.

800 Your finances are taken care of at this time. You are brilliantly serving your lightworking mission and this activates the good that will flow into your life.

Giving Vs Receiving: Detaching from the need to request donations for your giving, gives you room to be authentic and compassionate with others. Do set in place a way for prosperity to stabilize into your life. This may be indicating that your writing or speaking or giving will eventually turn into a viable income flow for you. Whether that is a blog, a volunteer experience or otherwise.

Remember to never deplete your energies if you have a say in how they are to be used (self employment).

This time is abundant and prosperous for you.

However we cannot give and then request that donations be given.

Decoding the Difference in Giving and Receiving: We can allow others to give to us as they wish. But to give with the intention of receiving is not giving at all. It is considered a sale. Have confidence to set a price before offering any services if you feel that by giving alone will not assist you in keeping this up.

Lightworkers, Call: 800 is a lightworkers number and a request to awaken the soul to focus upon it’s mission at this time.

Further Confirmation: 800 is confirmation from a Divine source  that you will receive opportunities to make prosperity flow.

Numerology: 8+0+0= 8 Empowered. The Divine Realm assisting with regards to stability, prosperity and monetary abundance.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

For Further Healing

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect

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5 thoughts on “Angel Number + Confirmation Number 800

  1. Much gratitude for the confirmation I appreciate the knowledge you gave me. I’ve always passed up on this link but I guess it wasn’t time for me to know Ahhh a stitch in Time😉 I will do my part to convey the message of peace love & harmony and am humbly honored pls feel free to check out my INstaGram cherb68 I’ve been writing since age 5 so I can relate to everything spoken here 💯💟 HAPPY1111


  2. Thank you for your true insight at the right time. I come to you humble and full of gratefulness.


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