Ideal Clients + Facts

I am Quornesha S. Lemon Shaman and A Psychic Consultant: My Work consists of Egyptian Healing through the use of Reiki symbols and Psychic Medium Work! I’ve ‘worked’ as a Social Media, NBC *Peacock* & OWN  *OWNly Hear* panelist.

Wealth is a state of mind. If you say that you have nothing, then even that which you have will be taken from you! With that being said, I do not believe that you are here scrolling through with absolutely anything at all. Most of all, I am abundant in giving and receiving energy, so it’s not possible that you show up here, lacking! According to the law of attraction. The Intention is to attract  Media/Entertainment Industry Professionals I am receptive to risk takers, Authentic Clients, Bold, brilliant & Ready individuals! And all of this I am.

My ideal client is Open Minded,  Generous, Intelligent, Exceptional, Prosperous, Receptive, And Interested in Knowing what the future holds for personal reasons, Projects *Film, Movies, Products/services, Trends, Television etc*, And also open to or require/need Healing *Egyptian Healing*. 

All abilities are God Given. I do not worship the Devil nor delve into extreme occultic measures of any sort.

Under no circumstances is this blog available to you as to ease any skepticism one may have! Know that if you are skeptical of anything these are reflections of your fears. Know also, that, the fees I charge are a reflection of how I value my time and efforts to you as a client. Not a reflection of anyone’s ideal for me. We are not here to live anyone’s expectations or ideal life for them through our own life. We are here to be happy and fulfilled. And unapologetically, I am happy to do so, Live life to my fullest potential. 

I am very strict on being on time, and not wasting my or your time. Know that at all times, If personal emergencies should arise, I have the right to reschedule at a time where it is approved for the both of us!

Your information is never shared. Ever. Your information is held in strict confidence. The way every session is conducted is unbiased, I am not here to judge or criticize you for your past, your present nor what you plan to do in the future. I am only here to be of empowerment to you & wicked hilarity & good food too! May never share any recipes although…haha!

You are to respect the time that you paid for. As I have the right to end a session without notice if my time is taken advantage of, God forbid that it should come to this. So please, before you book, be sure that you have aligned the amount of time you need to meet all your needs. At times I MAY! And this is rare, offer to extend the time. But you will not do so, on your own behalf. Be respectful and you will be respected also!

Remember, that just because you are here reading this blog doesn’t necessarily mean you ever have to book a session, like, follow or anything else. However, it is here for those who want to participate further, and you as well if you’re just stopping by. I’m not here for everyone, but I am open to those who are open to me & my work/cause. Keep in mind that nothing is ever ‘free’. I use this blog as a platform to introduce the world to the work that I do! Just keeping it real here! Keep in mind that any demands we need to be met are for us to fulfill ourselves.

If we absolutely need a thing or two done in any specific way, we need to do it ourselves!

All rights reserved © Quornesha S. Thank you! 

Here’s to boldly stepping into you!