The Symbolic Meaning + Prophecy of Music

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master. Psychic consultant to Spiritual Business Owners + Spiritual entrepreneurs.: There is often a ‘coded’ message to the music we resonate with. Often it is a message for the next steps we are set to take. They forewarn us and foretell of what is coming.

Often the song that repeats itself to you is a prophecy and a messenger trying to obtain your attention. The verse that continues to replay in your mind is your key to understanding your own future or that of those around you.

Songs that are sad in nature forewarn us of the passing of a loved one. Songs that are uplifting foretell of positive outcomes to situations we are concerned about. Songs that are negative rather than positive are reflections of our inner self and therefore a message that we should change if we wish to experience a change in the universe, for our benefit.

Psychic Note: Empowering songs are confirmation that any positive prophecies you have received are now manifesting, Show gratitude and this channel or vibration or energy will increase or enhance.

Songs that tell us to let go of situations are a reminder that once this door closes, one will take it’s place. Or when this door is meant to be, you’ll be presented with an even greater opportunity than the one you may be releasing.

Songs of competition denote and foretell of competitive opportunities that you can consider pursuing or denying depending upon your personal desires. While there is nothing wrong with a little challenge. Do not fear the unknown. And be open to learning from others who may have expertise in a field you are ‘entering’ into. Help is on the way, remain receptive and all wisdom and clarity will surface.

Prophecy: Songs about taking chances and letting go are not the same from moving on. Songs that tell us to let go foretell that we may be clenching or holding on too tight to life. Remember, life is a gift. No one is obligated to be here, yet we each have a purpose, it is up to each individual to decide to live out their lives according to it. While keeping balance so that the ‘human’ experience can be without much stress or without any that overwhelms us if possible.

Intuitive Conclusions: Music that we find overwhelming and annoying or not to our taste, denote that we need to embrace our authenticity and not concern ourselves with how others may be receptive to it. Do not concern yourself with those who may not agree with who you truly are. If these people are ‘friends’ then it is time to move on from them. It is up to you to let go. You either decide to stay with those who, inevitably, will change, themselves and regret. Or Move on.

Surely, the music we listen to is a reflection of the desires we have. We can all change those desires, when they no longer suit who we are.


Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing with all due respect. 

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