Real Communications With The Spirit World or Realm Serapis Bay

Medium Quornesha S.:  Much of our world lives with ignorance. Some are not ‘trying’ to change. It is as a disease. Not many will accept the ‘cure’.

Serapis Bay: This is true. but this is their opportunity in life, as much as your opportunity. You must allow them to have it as they wish.

Medium Quornesha S., Thank you so much Serapis Bay.

Serapis Bay: Be well my friend, I am here for you as needed.  + for whatever reason or purpose that will help you to serve your purpose as only you can.

Final Notations: I’ve learned to be grateful for prophecy. As it gives me insight into the future.

The cure: Each of us, must find our own way past the illusion that life has to bring us suffering, through chaos, deception, lack of any kind or even rob us from living our best lives. All of these beliefs are illusions and obstacles we place before ourselves because the good we receive we assume that we cannot have it, or at least, not without toiling endlessly. I am certain that as we put in the effort, the results will show. Whether that is in the form of success or lessons through failure.

But a vow to failure or lack is the same as accepting the discrepancy within our world. Of course there are no worlds of perfection. But surely, one does not have to toil through his or her entire existence. At some point the rain no longer falls the way that it used to.

No one can inherit or live out our lives for us. If we want a better life, we must choose it + most of all, become greater.

Quornesha S., & Serapis Bay, Ascended Master

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect.


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