Symbolic Meaning of The Pigeon Hawk [Falco columbarius]

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master for the Pigeon Hawk, as seen in dreams, visions, waking life, tattoos, psychic flashes, travel, magazines, or more. 

The Symbolic Meaning of the Pigeon hawk is that the Spiritual Law of Request is now being activated in your life. You have learned and listened pretty well about forthcoming changes. It is wise to not listen to what ifs’ from within yourself or others at this time. As you are making the right decisions for your own well being and that of your purpose. 

Law of Request: With the law of request, we are asked not to ‘butt’ in to any situations. As it is now time to release these ‘constraints’. Feeling the need to reach out to others even when we do not want to, means we are being confined and against our spiritual will and crossing boundaries we have laid out for a specific purpose. To keep us aligned with our spiritual calling, that is.

Note:Everything happens for a very special reason. Whether that is debt, emotional instability or obstacles and these are all put in place for us to overcome. You must remember, that when the road seems heavy, it is time to verify whether you are actually within your own vibrations or that of someone else’.

Whatever is going on in anyone’s life is because in a subconscious way, they desire it. Whether we choose to admit it or not. Things do not change unless we are willing to see where we have gone wrong and where we are off course.

Note: When we are on our ‘correct path’ nothing anyone says about us that is negative will matter at all. Because we are confident and are assured that we are being guided and protected from jealousies, hate, envies or evil intentions or eyes. Even from within ourselves.

Beware of trying to teach anyone to be right or live right as whatever choices they are making, is for their own karma. You are not allowed to assist anyone without their permission for your help or guidance or advice.

Do not fear to put your information out there and to support and believe in it. As only you can. Because you will need this clarity in some way yourself, at some time or point in the near or not so distant future.

Prophecy: Everything, all things happen for a reason. There are the laws of cause and effect. SO allow anyone who may feel they are superior to feel that way, as that is there lesson.Anyone who may believe they are excluded from karma, let them believe that as well. As that is there lesson or lot in this lifetime. Do not correct others. Let them be. As if they needed your assistance they would likely and gratefully pay you for your time to do so.

Positively and absolutely, this may be a challenge for you considering your kind or generous nature. But you are asked to stay in your own vibration and allow others to take care of their own when they feel the need to do so. You’re subject to obtaining prosperity like everyone else is. It is not your responsibility to convince anyone that they deserve it too. As how you interpret what they are saying could come from a place of low vibrations. Until you are asked for help, and you have the right to decline anything if you do not wish to do it. Do not intervene. As these are life lessons for each person to learn and grow from.

Intuitive Conclusions: Telling someone what is right does not teach them the morality or the defining truth about anything, instead they are still blind because deep within they still have the urge to discover more.

It’s time to move on now. Even with compliments, it is not your space to do so unless you are Divinely guided to do so. As confidence is also a growing and learning path. Just because someone tells you something does not mean the soul will believe it is true. Which is why, we all must believe in ourselves first. If they feel confident already, and it shows, they will be able to accept our kind words. Until then, kind words will go in one ear and out the other. As that is not your space. And each person is responsible for healing from their own past as they see fit.

With all the questions associated with telling someone something positive, like, ‘how do you know this’ or maybe that’s for you and not me. Etc. These are all immediate consequences and are lessons that it’s time to value your time and advice and reserve it for those who will value it in turn. If you do not feel valued after giving this means you did not give from a space of value.

These messages apply to everyone, including those who walk away and out of your life for no reason or explanation at all. As each exit is symbolic for someone who must go through something you cannot assist them with or intervene towards.

You cannot teach a student who isn’t ready to learn. -Quornesha S.


Rich In Power™

Quornesha S., 

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

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