The Meaning of Coins/Change

Channeled by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master (Psychic Consultant for Spiritual Business Owners + Spiritual Entrepreneurs)

-Quarters are sign of the next steps to take in your life, such as the states that appear repeatedly to you in this format.

-Dimes are sign that you are quite fortunate even though you may show to others that you’re on a budget. While it is wise to save yourself from ‘lavish’ spending (even spiritually), it is unwise to hoard what you do have as this is an obstacle to the flow of abundance in your life. Time to invest in yourself in the way you choose. Remember money IS energy. If you hoard it, it’s kind of difficult for money to continue having a relationship with you. And is also related to the number 10

-Nickles are symbolic of change. A chapter that is ending and is also related to the number 5.

-Pennies are sign that you are being reminded that this is temporary, so if you are going through any struggles, even difficulties, whether in business, relationships, home/family, life, etc. This situation is temporary, accept the help you receive with gratitude as this is not forever. You are allowed to move on whenever you wish, but you must take some action on behalf of your desire to move on and forward. Also related to the number 1

Psychic Note: Should you decide to live in the moment and the moment is not to your liking you are asked to make the changes so that each moment moving forward will bring you to inner peace and happiness.

Although in general, finding money, is a sign from the universe and confirmation that, it is indeed temporary and you will have the support of the Universe and all of it’s great resources, once you get going and moving. Do not be fooled by any positive word, thinking that it is all that it takes. You need to put in the effort to bring about the prosperity you seek. Should you already be doing so, know and understand that there will be blessings in regards to your actions and intentions to improve your life for the better.

Prophecy: Start by uplifting your life. Start by creating value for yourself and respecting that value. You must do so first and the upheavals will come to displace the penny pinching individuals onto a path that requires their lessons for someone else, other than yourself. Yes, we are indeed exactly where we ‘need to be’ but if you do not resonate with the need to be somewhere it is up to you to change that.

Intuitive conclusion: Allow your life to reflect what you want with inspired action and positive and uplifting affirmations and shifting your life through the principles of feng shui. Do not worry yourself what others think, feel or react to your desires and dreams. As it is our free will, individually, to either choose stability or poverty. It’s up to you. Live your best life, if that is what you choose to do in this lifetime.

Most of all, abandon negative situations, people, circumstances. It’s up to us, to recognize each thought that is beneficial from that which isn’t and align our thoughts accordingly.

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Quornesha S., 

Rich IN Power™


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