Angel Number + Confirmation Number 022

Channeled through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: A Natural Channel for what is unseen or unknown: The Angel Number or Confirmation number 022 is a message from the Divine realm that you are using your manifesting abilities on a Divine level. You are realizing that your thoughts, both negative or positive are creating your realities. You recognize the things you have to release and on a conscious level. You do so. Keep the faith and continue to take positive actions as this is leading you directly towards your desired and most anticipated outcomes.

While Zero is a representation of the Divine co-creating with you. You have the support from the Highest power, the source of all life. Do not fear or worry of any obstacles. As you will see them miraculously disappear quite unusually and effortlessly.

Things are about to supernaturally appear to fall in place in all merited ways. Your success and victories will be measurable and visible so that you can take on new ones.

Feng Shui Tip: 022 Asks you to continue releasing words, phrases and beliefs that do not serve you or your environment. Using Lapis lazuli in hallways, Bathrooms, and where there is television will help make your home a conduit of positive change. Causing you to use your mind in a more thoughtful and inspiring way.

Prophecy: Even when you do not believe that it’s possible to let go of any beliefs or thoughts about yourself or others, know that these thoughts create your environment. Just as much as beautiful ones.

When you find that your home is out of balance it’s time to reconsider putting what belongs outdoors, ‘outside’ and what belongs indoors, inside. Keep plants on porches if there is a ‘need’ to have them in the home. Or On patios or back porches if enabled or available.

More Feng Shui: Begin to hang your photographs that doesn’t offset your home’s energy. It may be time to remove outdated images of yourself that withhold the essence of your past or past self. Put these away in albums or simply toss them out, if you wish to do so.

Power Question: What part of the home denotes sadness? Are there any paintings on the wall that do not belong? What is the form of these paintings, because that is the energy you will draw into your life and the people around you. You are MORE powerful than you think you are. When you see the number 0 before any number. However with the number 22 being led by it, it is symbolism of the Divine power in support of your efforts to empower self, home and environment improvements.

Intuitive Conclusions: Bringing junk mail into the home, even though you do not want to open it, says you’re okay with welcoming any like minded situations into your environments, mind, body, spirit, home and family life as well.

Put good things in, and it will accumulate more good for you. Even when you’re ‘kidding’ watch your words, As it is most powerful when you are in a vibration of creating. Don’t use your positive efforts for the reward of negativity.

The Angels support the changes you are making. They have invoked Divine will to empower you to do so, without toiling as much.

0+2+2= 4 empowered and is associated with empowerment for your Highest and greatest good on a DIvine level.

Using A Lapis Lazuli Bracelet as a conduit for positive energy 


Quornesha S., 

Medium + Egyptian Healer

All rights reserved ©

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Thanks for sharing so kindly with all due respect. 

‘Channeling Information Naturally without further Thought’


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