King Fisher (Alcedines) Symbolic Meaning

Seeing a King Fisher in your waking life, Dreams, visions, and synchronicity is a message that now the time is ripe to actively take the right steps in alignment with the direction you want to go.

Your dreams are being activated for success and manifestations in a very big way. You are supported by the universe with your biggest ideals at this time. It is time to release your trepidations or fears and get going. Know that all things have fallen into place in the most perfect of all ways.

A new chapter has begun for you and you should expect some increases in your life in abundant ways. Expect your blessings to arrive in your life at this time. You are being, empowered. Let go of fears that make you believe negatively about others. If others are successful, they will empower you to continue forward with where you are trying to go. If they are not, you have to decide whether their being in your environment will empower you or not. We are each responsible for uplifting our environments.

We each have to begin somewhere, but if you feel you do not resonate with those who are trying to go somewhere also, you must then position yourself in the presence of those who are already there. You will meet those who are trying as you are trying, but you will decide how that relationship will be. Whether that be through collaboration or equal encouragement between the two, etc.

We may not be lesser or better than anyone else, but we equally have the opportunity to shine, and to be our best selves, without the need to compete with others, other than competing with our own past successes and becoming greater than past failures.

Release all fears of being rigid, or afraid, you are not here to impress anyone, other than who you were before this moment. Be proud of how far you have come, and truly make an effort for the opportunities being presented around you.

The best person to inspire your dreams is yourself. Not because others are not capable, but because only YOU know the depth and the unlimited potential you have inside of you, opposed to someone looking in from the outside.

Allow your inner reflections to show. And learn to be your authentic and original self, no matter the environment, no matter how superior you see others. Once upon a time, your superiors, learned from their superiors. It Is up to you to bring to the surface your compassion, love and care, as you are not ‘all tough’ or ‘completely confident’ etc. Embrace your flaws and your imperfections, Because all of these, make you, who YOU really are. Do not show the world your dieted self and then question why no one sees you for who you are. Be prepared to stand stable and grounded under a microscope. Ir is now a time to work gracefully under all forms of pressure, not in a manner that is oppressive, but in a way you are intended to handle.

Know that everything you must face externally or internally, you have the gift within you to face it with conviction and grace.  You have the ability to attain and maintain your dreams, and it is up to you to do with the opportunities, what you feel you are capable of doing. Make every opportunity your own and do not wait for ‘yes’ opportunities.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.


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