The Symbolic Meaning of Teddy Bears

Channeled through Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master| Psychic Consultant to spiritual Businesses + Spiritual entrepreneurs: 

The Symbolic Meaning of Teddy Bears: Love, care, tenderness, children, humanity, philanthropy. Being watched over by someone kind. Empathetic, compassionate. Gentleness. Responsibilities, sensitivity.

A Teddy bear reminds that we need to open our hearts to being gentle and caring and understanding with the situation or question. Perhaps there is someone in your life who may need your loving kindness, rather than your judgment.

Be careful being mean spirited, poking fun or becoming a spiritual or emotional bully for sport or entertainment. As your words have more power than you may intend.

Take caution with your words. As there may be someone fragile in an emotional sense or way. This sign ‘teddy bear’ may also be empowerment for you to pursue a ‘caring career’

  • Social Scientist
  • Activist (of Any kind to help others and our world)
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Spiritual Guide/Counselor
  • Relationship Coach
  • Economist
  • Empowerment Coach
  • A Prayer Minister
  • Efforts or focus towards children
  • Pediatrics
  • Child therapist/therapy
  • Licensed Child psychologist
  • Board certified Family psychologist
  • Licensed Marriage and family therapist
  • Social worker
  • Volunteer
  • A child psychic/mentor
  • Day care
  • Raising awareness surrounding children
  • Building emergency facilities specifically for children
  • Making your specialty or niche about children
  • Writing children’s books
  •  elementary/pre-k through K School teacher
  • Being a stay at home Parent: mother or father
  • Designing some form of play for children: IE gaming, arts,
  • Becoming a theatrical leader for child performers

Choose your avenue wisely.

It can also symbolize the need to construct your children for further wisdom as they grow up to provide stability and advancement in life for balance throughout their lifetime.


Quornesha S.,

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect 

All rights reserved ©

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