Kite Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom:  Seeing A Kite in Dreams and Waking Life, visions, synchronicity, Is symbolic that it is better now. While it may be easier to settle for that which is ‘easy’ without consequences, we become a void to our purpose for being here. Each day we must actively do something meaningful. Even if it is unto ourselves.

The Kite’s Message ask us to relax and to be comforted, that all is well, it is alright now. The kite is symbolic for releasing the pain and going with the flow of things. When you are emerging from a crisis it is beneficial to take notes as you will be able to help others deal with this type of pain or melodrama.

Prophecy: Things will be much more smoother from the moment you get the message (presence) of the Kite. It is prophesying to you that it is time to move on from the past, let it go as the present moment does not supply the same scenario. Even if you feel like you have to hold this memory. The Prophecy of the kite tells you…let it go. It’s time to look forward. Maybe you’ll never forget what has happened. But the key is to detach from the person or situation first and then try focusing on the reason for the situation. Resulting changes are ahead now, for everything you clear.

You cannot authentically forgive if you hold onto the memory. “Forgive but never forget” needs to be surrendered. You have a new chapter to pursue and the next scene holds no space for your past. Part of anxieties are holding on to what was, it’s memories and it’s events.

There are different variations of ‘high’, one where our ego is overwhelming to those around us or where we are living with compassion. It is up to you to live by giving and receiving the good you put out into the universe, or by giving and receiving the negative, lower vibrations you put out into the universe.

Intuitive Conclusions: Remember that whatever you do comes back to you. It is not by accident or surprise that you serve with good intentions, as this is a part of your higher self. It is not by mistake that you feel negative or toxic. Everything you put out into the universe is only the part of you that you are shedding. Now whether or not you attach or release and surrender is up to you.

You are not a victim in any situation it is only what you choose to portray. You are allowed to grieve, to comfort, to empower yourself. Every emotion you exude is due to how it serves you right now. If sadness serves you, it will serve you for as long as you’re attached to it.

Nothing would ever come to the light if it was not intended to heal or grow from the rain that is inevitable to fall upon it. So even if your mind did not intend, the soul is intending on your behalf.

Appreciate and speak with the soul often by praying with it and for it. It needs you and you need it as a guide for your highest and greatest good.

With Love, Light + Fire,

Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting *Media + Egyptian Healing*

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4 thoughts on “Kite Symbolic Meaning

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful article on Kite symbolism! This is the first time I’ve read a more extensive interpretation of this wonderful bird’s meaning, and it totally hits home. Blessings to you and all!


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