Questions you shouldn’t focus on in a reading

Questions you shouldn’t focus on in a reading.

It is an intrusion of privacy to ask or deliver predictions for someone else without their permission  to you. Always ask yourself…would you want YOUR skeletons or privacy to be revealed without your consent? It is considered gossip, no matter the intention. As spirit does things fairly and for the highest good always. Not for personal gain or benefit.

Spirit feels that this information is none of our business to attain. Direct communication provides answers and if you don’t get your information through such means you are not supposed to know.

With exception that this information will keep you from death or harm before your time.

A reading is the space and opportunity to get closer to your own spirituality and truths not that of others. Use the time wisely and you’ll benefit most from your reading.

Also, death predictions are not provided. As we are each allowed an extended or shorter stay if we choose to. These are personal agreements between ourselves and the source.

Always remember, When we plan, Allah plans.


Quornesha S. 

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