Gold Finch [Carduelis Tristis] Symbolic Meaning

Inner Knowing/Wisdom/Channel by Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Quornesha S. Seeing the Goldfinch in your waking life, and in synchronicities: IE; Tattoos, shopping bags, logos, dreams, waking life, newspapers, websites, feeling the need to discover what it means is a Prophecy that The angels and ascended masters are trying to notify to you that, even though you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time,  release the outdated thought of being stuck or clingy to this circumstance. As, soon it too shall pass. Instead, know that this is simply a window until the next one appears.

You are asked to look within for your own intuition and to not allow interpretations from others to consume you with fear. Everything that enters our life is a prophecy. When we discover the message it is speaking to us, we can then move on to the next stage or step in our lives.

Intuitive Note: No matter if this is a current residence, position, or state of mind, you will move on from this in Divine time. Ask the angels to help you remove the refutation others may have applied to what you foresee. As these can become psychic debris also known as stagnation when attended to.

You are not trapped within any state of existence, relationship, or state of being, or residence, know and acknowledge that when we learn the final lesson which is to come about at the Divine right moment. You will have the opportunity to release the situation.

Prophecy: Understand that every opportunity that presents to you, is for a reason, even if you decline those opportunities they are for a reason. If any interpretations cause us to fear, we are allowed to release that interpretation and write our own. Remember, even though we move on, every situation has it’s own stresses or challenges. Do not fear moving on as this is a part of your life at this time.

It may be time to reconsider opportunities being presented to you, as these may be to your life time benefit, although you choose to ignore. Whether that opportunity is of relationship, career, financially or otherwise you are asked to see if this opportunity will resonate most with you. As when the door finally closes, it will not present itself in the same format. Enter each new door with gratitude. As thanks, for the universe thinking of you or bringing you closer toward the manifestations of your dreams.

Intuitive Conclusions: Choose uplifting thoughts, if the situations around you hinder you from doing so, consider focusing your intentions and attention toward what will help you to  serve your highest and greatest good. If your thoughts are on moving, sit with the angels to contemplate your reason for wanting to depart from your present circumstance. We are allowed to reshape our future, as long as it is aligned for our highest and greatest good.

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