How to prepare for A Distance Healing/Psychic Session

  • Invest in your healing process, pay the necessary fees for your session and the time of I/healer.
  • Make a list of things you wish to address in the healing session. Get intricate so that when you begin receiving healing the universal force will begin to tap into your consciousness to send healing to you where it is needed most. Take the time to write down questions you need answers to. So that even if you do not directly get them answered they will be energetically received and acknowledged to bring clarity to you.
  • Clear your mind and body of any skeptic intentions. Through prayer or meditation. Affirming aloud or within your mind, that you are one and open to receiving this healing  for your highest good. As if you are skeptic you receive answers that reflect those fears. If you are open the energy/information received to you is abundant also. It takes two. And whatever you hope to get from it is what you’ll receive. If you are skeptic you receive more energy to be skeptic about. If you are receptive, you receive energy that relieves you in return. You are a reflection! So as it is, it will be so.
  • Allow yourself to relax before and after the session. Turn off ALL electronics, with exception to that which you’ll use for the distance connection IE Internet/Computer for Skype Session or Phone. Nothing is more important at this moment than receiving healing to move forward.
  • Acknowledge that a healing or psychic session is a relationship that is mutual for the  basis of receiving information at this time. Being a Psychic Medium and Egyptian healer, doesn’t mean that I know everything. It means I am able to read all about you, if you are receptive to it. Be open to answering any questions I/healer may have. As your energy is read and vibrations are often tested based upon your receptiveness/skepticism to your healing process. If you are closed to that information, it is closed to you also in a reading.
  • In a session DO NOT give all information, as this is not a ‘counseling’ session but a session where you are receiving energy and messages from your loved ones. Surrender harsh expectations of what you will receive.
  • If you are given a follow up, it is for a reason, take the time out to be respectful of I/healer’s time and energy. As this opportunity is only introduced to you once and then it is complete.
  • Always remember, when we plan, Allah Plans!


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