Angel Number 1111/ Confirmation Number 1111

Inner Wisdom/Knowing/Channel: By Psychic Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master Quornesha S. In relation to seeing the number 1111 In synchronicity, Dreams, addresses, license plates, tattoos etc.

The Number 1111 is symbolic for calling in the Celestial Beings. They represent as guardians to your angels and guides. In all areas, including, and not limited to. Business, relationships, your past, yourself, clarity, purpose and the next steps to take. While the angels are only receptive to being a guide the celestial beings are in connection to your highest self and the steps you yourself already wish to take.

You can call upon the Celestial beings to help you manifest and find comfort with anything. It may be time to consider ‘to which avenue, am I intended to serve and give for my highest and greatest good?”

Part of our reason for being here is to give, yet also receive the Celestial beings will guide you as to when, what where and how you are meant to serve as they are the closest beings to your soul than anything else. Second to your highest power. You may consider the celestial beings as messengers of your deity.

Remember to wish carefully, as they will put together the paths and opportunities, with effort from and on your behalf of course. To help you with you highest and greatest goals

Guidance/Prophecy: Sit and contemplate quietly as you would if you were to meditate or intend for rest. As that is how the Celestial beings will bring the answers to your prayers. If your dreams and visions seem like a riddle it is for you to decode in whichever avenue that serves you.

Intuitive Conclusions: Part of doing things your own way is to know that everything happens in it’s own Divine time. And to not do things when dictated to do so, by frequencies you know are not for your highest and greatest good. You will know the difference from when you are potentially being dictated or potentially manipulated. And you’ll have access to your abilities to release these situations.

When you find yourself troubled by the world, it’s time to go within and only face the things you’re set here to resolve.

1111 Is also symbolic for walking through the doorways of illumination and following your ‘correct’ path. If you do not feel you are in alignment with your purpose, it is now time to find out. They also represent everything working out for your highest and greatest good.

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Quornesha S. 

With Love, Light + Fire. 

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