Japanese Cherry Blossoms [Prunus serrulata] Symbolic Meaning

Channel by Quornesha S., Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master: Japanese Cherry Blossoms are symbolic for one door closing and another opening, Life and death, Balance, equilibrium, stability, rest. When seen in waking life, paintings, dreams, visions, psychic flashes, meditations,

It is also a message that, you should not cling to any belief system, or way of being or living. Claiming it as your permanent way of being. As everything must come to an end, within it’s Divine time. It is a message that you are to get going on your path as this path will soon come to a conclusion. This may be of reference/regard to education or expanding your spirituality or knowledge of your mind, body, spirit. The Japanese Cherry Blossom enters your life as a symbolic message that right now is the time, as this window does not last always. There are seasons that must take place and all must go according to Divine plan.

Prophecy: Never fear the death of  persons, places, or situations as this is the natural order of life. We all must die, things we do must die, as no one else can ever do it the way the we do it. You’re asked to serve your mission as much as possible. Serve the reason why you are here. When seeing the Japanese Cherry blossom, you’re asked to get in touch with defining, exactly what your purpose is.

Your angels will be readily available to work with you through the people you meet, those you go to for healing. You may even consider these people to be angels themselves, yet, it is that they are working closely with your angels to deliver your messages at this time in your life.

Intuitive Conclusions: It’s up to you to figure out and discover why you are here. Only you are allowed to ask, “why am I Here?” and receive the answers, through whatever form the angels and ascended masters choose to allay those messages to you. If you’re trying to discover your niche, or area of expertise, or re-branding that niche, call out to your angels, or your chosen form of ‘higher assistance’. And the people who are meant to help you with this ‘assignment’ will enter your life.

Know that nothing is permanent. Even though things may be free-flowing or ‘stuck’ at this time. Move forward, follow the steps you are guided to make. You’ll find that all is occurring for your highest and greatest good. Lay aside every fear of lack and you’ll find it replaced with love. Sitting still and allowing the angels to heal us and help cleanse our minds. Whilst, breathing deeply. Sitting still outside where we feel safe + surrounded in nature.


“Everything in the end will be fine” or Live for today, + Look forward to tomorrow


Quornesha S., 

Rich In Power℠

Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect!

All rights reserved ©Copyright

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