Spotted Dove [Streptopelia chinensis] Symbolic Meaning

Channel, Inner Knowing/Wisdom: by Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master, Quornesha S:  Seeing the Spotted dove in your waking life, dreams, visions, meditations, tattoos, synchronicity: Spotted Dove’s message is that you’re in position, for movement, love, residential, travel, career and financial improvements. The impending changes, you may sense them and feel them, but these changes may come about in a way that you are not expecting. Trust and believe that these changes ‘are’, for your highest and greatest good!

You may be aware of  the surrounding time or date, but these changes, will be both empowering and happy life changes. Yet surprising. You’ve been having the urge to go forth for quite some time. Now the Universe is on your side.  ‘They’ agree that these changes are in perfect timing, in your life at this time.

You should feel immensely blessed, for that which is to come. This changes will bring about more tranquil, ease, and relief from stress, at least within the confinements of your home environment.

It may also be time for you to surrender some things, to make way, and room for the next steps to occur in your life. The ascended masters are applauding you, and congratulating you for the tests you may have endured.  Maybe now you can exhale, live and be whatever you want to be. As the prime opportunities, are being sorted in order for you to fully take advantage of. This move will be by the seaside, water or lake. This new chapter of your life, will be quite superior to the ones you have taken prior to.

Prophecy: Keep listening to your highest self, and the angelic guides. As this will confirm the messages of the spotted dove. You may have went through some recent changes, and the angels wish to let you know that it is time to move forward now. There may be times of brief grief during this move. But know, this is all for the better life you deserve and have longed for.

Intuitive Conclusions: Continue to transmute and renounce your fears. The resistance to being the victim is working and you’re being commended. It’s better now. As you move forward, apply the wisdom that you now know in regards to not taking on the emotions or trivialities of others. You can have the peace in your life. But, remember, as future reference, when we ask for victory, there has to be a trial of some kind. When we ask for peace there has to be upheaval to make changes for the life you want.

Your guides want you to know that you are in perfect alignment and right now is the perfect time for you to be on the receiving end. Release the lessons of the past. As you have much more to learn, and do. Troubled waters do not roar always, and now you can enjoy this peacefulness and tranquility.

You will now be able to set out and build a life of your own, if ever it was not ‘possible’ before.

Blessed Be.

Rich In Power℠

Quornesha S. 

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