Angel Number 8

Eight is confirmation that our thoughts of business, education and commerce will manifest our ideal dreams of prosperity in miraculous ways. [Write Down your dreams if you have to, as this is action taken also]

When you see the number eight appearing in several different ways this signifies that success is imminent and you should not procrastinate with putting your dreams into action. This may not apply to gambles, IE; stocks, investments, lottery, instead that which you have a passion for.  [Real Estate, Teaching, Coaching, Healing. etc]

Eight is also associated with Angel Anauel the angel of Prosperity. It can also relate to Ariel whose ability is to assist with manifesting what you need to succeed in the material world. This is not in relation to Luxury but instead on what you need. However higher powers will see that we receive according to our beliefs and what we deserve for the work we are implementing to change the world.

Eight is infinite and is associated with all earthly colors as it has no limitations, so then it is based upon your belief of prosperity.

If you are changing careers and you see the number eight, it is assurance that this will be a great change for you. It’s safe to change your mind about anything if you feel that what you were doing will no longer be beneficial to you.

“Be patient with the mind that is catching up with the soul whose so eager and willing to change.” Quornesha S.

Lapis Lazuli helps aid transitions for it’s many great qualities.

You can also simply wear the color of The Lapis Lazuli for at least a week, be creative.

Repeating 8s is a reassuring message that your worries are Unavailing and are to be seen and handled as only fears. It’s time to surrender these concerns to a higher power. To help you think more clearly. No, it is not about thinking positive. Yet, if you can do something in order to teach your thoughts that you deserve your blessings, it will over power all negative energy associated with any negative patterns you may have at this time.

Call upon the angels of fate to help you to manifest more positive surroundings. It’s not what you think that creates your reality, it’s the efforts you truly wish to make. As much of the thoughts we think are generated from the negative or intoxicating frequencies around us.

Consider your negative thoughts as a call that perhaps someone outside of you, needs your help. When you help others, you may witness your thoughts and emotions begin to change. You cannot cover positive over negative. NO matter how hard you try, negative will always resurface. Work deeper than the surface, and you will see your thoughts begin to change.


Quornesha S. 


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