Angel-Confirmation Number 71

Channeled By Quornesha S. Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer: Angel and/or confirmation number is a sign that you are illuminating the way, as your soul has intended it to. Your power is being fully expressed and heaven empowers you to continue forward in believing in your abilities.

71 Is a message that you are on your ‘correct’ path. It asks or requests you to Honor your true divinity. 71 Is a message that the messages, synchronicity, and insights that you have received have been on point and accurate.

When you work from an aspect of honesty and personal truth, you will not be denied, access to further clarity to further your own journey and that of others, whom choose to follow your leadership.

Get ready: It is now the most auspicious time time to think of or visually prepare for all of life’s blessings. Some abundance is set to come about into your life, due to much of your efforts in a spiritual aspect. Whatever thoughts you think that do not serve you, quickly dissolve them. Do not give power or place to what intends to drain you. As often, spiritual opponents find it entertaining to see you express yourself in a way that Seems you are less than love or loving.

Just let it go: Just like there are those who support you, take note that there are also those who envy you. Do not feed any negativity. Starve it. Your energy is very powerful, regardless of how you choose to use it. Do not bring your spirits below, in order to defend yourself in situations that are clearly intended to crawl beneath your skin.

Break the shell: When you choose to dwell on the past or negative energy, you are fueling it, and therefore, making it much larger than it should be to begin with.

Signs: 71 Is a sign that things will be going in a direction that serves you at this time of your life. Know that happiness is not about, smiling all the time, or overlooking the pain or instances occurring in our lives or in that of those who surround us(the World).

Happy: Know that true happiness, often involves you having to put in the efforts to keep it in tact. NO one is responsible for keeping our minds clean and free of spiritual debris.

71 Is a representation of wisdom, new beginnings and power. Know that life will always provide a sense of humor for us. Always laugh, even if no one else is laughing with you. Always laugh, even if no one else understands why you are laughing. Being happy is powerful. And we are each responsible, for making sure that our lives are such.

7+1=8 And 8 Is a number of Power and abundance, and 7 is that of spirituality, and 1 represents New beginnings. Trust that you are working in alignment with your highest frequency when you see the Number 71. And it is a reminder that, you are very well blessed and empowered. Use your abilities in the directions, you feel, resonate with you on all levels.

Repeating 71 is a message to Use your energy wisely. To use your power, abilities and wisdom in a way that serves you and others, and the world. In a way you wish to serve, while you are here.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing So kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 


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