The Letter H Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Spiritual Business/Entrepreneur, Psychic Consultant 

Symbolism: The letter H Symbolic meaning.  Humanitarian.  Humane. Hilarity.  Home. Happiness. Hope. Highness. Heavenly.  Happening.  Hereafter.  Hero. Home. Hymns.  Heaven. Heart based projects. Horizons. Head (Leader)

The Energy of the Letter ‘H’: The letter H symbolic meaning. The letter H is symbolic for the home life.
And it is symbolic for the flow of happiness in the energy of it. When H appears to you in your waking life. Dreams. Visions and synchronicity it is foresight or a sign of positive forthcoming news and people who will empower your life to a higher level.

What can help: Feng Shui assists with this flow so make changes as soon as possible to bring in new energy to position for any times or year ahead. You will find that relationships come into your life to see things through the way you desire them to be.

Humanitarian: Go forth with your humanitarian projects. When you have your whole heart and soul intended for what you do in your life time you will find that all will support you along this journey.

Name Symbolism: If this letter is in your name in any position you will find that heaven luck follows you.

Making your life seem to be a breeze following any hard/harsh times.

Support: You are free to move on from those who do not want a relationship with you of any sort. Whether that is a life partner. Friends or otherwise.

It is time for a new life and chapter.

If you have recently gone through anything be assured that the time has now passed.

Be sure to express gratitude for overcoming any life battles and pray to learn from them too.

Prophecy: The best is yet to come.

Alphabet Numerology: ‘H’ Is also the 8th letter of the Alphabet. Meaning power, Prestige, wealth and empowerment. Know that changes ahead will provide all that is required to meet you so that you can fulfill your purpose in this lifetime. Follow inner guidance. Something is leading you to your purpose, whether an action, a move or whatever you’re being led or feel called to do. Make this decision.

Intuitive Conclusions: Repeating letter H is symbolic of a Path, take note of the associated colors. As this is leading you to happiness of home life. Regardless of what you fear at this time. ‘Make the changes.” These changes are leading you toward a greater and lighter/brighter path.

In Power + Peace + Priorities, 
Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting With Quornesha S.

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3 thoughts on “The Letter H Symbolic Meaning

  1. i saw this letter today just now. usually i get numbers occassionally i’ll get a H popped up, Sometimes Z.


  2. Thanks so much for this. I keep on seeing “HH” in license plates around me… it’s caught my attention along with “CC”.


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