Angel-Confirmation Number 404

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon: Channeler, Medium, Intuitive, Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master, Life Purpose Coach, Quantum Touch Healer, Hoodoo Priestess, Obeah Master & So Much More: The Number 404 is a message from the angels that all is well and going according to the higher powers’ plans and purpose for your life. You are not to fear, Instead, stay steadfast and pressed toward the future.

The Number 404 *angel & Confirmation Number* is A REMINDER that, there are no coincidences, mistakes or otherwise in life. All has a purpose and all was aligned accordingly along your life plan. Find the humor in life, find the highlights in life. As nothing is too far gone or too well laid out.

You are a source of incredible wisdom when the number 404 Appears to you. Stick to your convictions. As there may some things that you can see, yet others cannot. NO matter how much they tell you otherwise. Step aside and away from trying to resolve everyone’s issues and only resolve your own. You must allow every person to learn their own lessons in a way that they choose to learn them.

You are not in this world to change others nor to change their characters. It’s up to each of us individually to correct and right the errors’ in our makeup. NOT for us to correct their ways. Be so happy with yourself that what others are doing, whether that be, way of life, way of belief *religion/non religion*, Making a difference or not making a difference. It is their own business. If we die from this life without having fulfilled our reason for being, that’s on the individual and not on the world.

You truly are here for your own evolution and the lives and missions you shape in this lifetime, were all meant, ordained and destined for you to take part of. You must create your own freedom, especially if the world refuses to grant you your own.

It’s not up to others who we become in this lifetime. That is up to each person, themselves. You will be held responsibly for the things you did or did not do. Either way, it is your own souls’  journey, which road it will travel.

Be not a victim of whatever happens to you. Focus on your own life and make sure to fill yourself and your life with all that you truly want and get rid of all, if possible of what you don’t want. Be so confident in yourself. That you do not have to persuade others to get out and live their lives. Be so comfortable living your own life, that you eradicate any right or wrongness that anyone else may be doing. As, you have the right to mind your own business, unless, of course, someone else’ business is interfering with your own. The By all means, you have the right to release the restraints others may try to hold against you.

Reclaim your own life and the authority over it. Do not try to overcome others’ problems for them. Unless of course, it is your mission and you can tell it is, by the level of support, both spiritually and financially, which you receive abundantly in exchange.

Have NO fear. Of what others are capable of doing to operate against you. As, you should always, always…ALWAYS, assure your own spiritual ‘security’ in this lifetime.

Again, there are NO Mistakes. Especially, when a way or path in life is ordered by the higher powers. ‘

4+0+4= 8 Empowered: The Number 8 is a sign that All the ‘mistakes’ or life experiences has led you to a life of providence. Just keep on going. Keep moving forward. Your life choices and decisions has led you to a place where you belong. So, if you doubt your position in life at this time while seeing the number 404. It is a sign and a message, that, you are right where you belong, in this lifetime. You will advance and you will see things continue to evolve in your life. Keep up the good work. Also see the number 8

Namaste & Blessings,

~Quornesha S. Lemon

I Am Available for candle rituals, hoodoo mentorship, readings, fortune telling and so much more! Including healing *Quantum Touch, Reiki & Crystal Healing* Blessings & Ase*

Priestess of High Order


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2 thoughts on “Angel-Confirmation Number 404

  1. Hieveryone, wish to share this. I dreamt i was sitting by the whole me and some other farmilar people looking down some sort of entertainment going on down the big whole that we surrounded sitting. After sometimes i was so bored that i decided to look my right an saw this unfarmiliar girl with pale white skin , after sometimes i decided to follw and sit near her when still watching the entertainment, when i just reach were she sat i missed her and all i found was her bag with the number 404, thanx more details later


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