Mourning Dove Symbolism

Channeled through, Quornesha S. Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer: When seeing the Mourning dove in your waking life, dreams and visions it is symbolic that peace is a necessity at this time in your life. The mourning dove, requests that you remain peaceful and as calm as possible during any present transitions.

The Mourning dove requests that you laugh often and get out as much as possible or go within as much as possible. The Mourning dove’s message, is, this too, shall pass. When one cannot get over the loss of a loved one, the sign of a Dove will appear to allow further confirmation that your loved one has moved on and suggests that you should mirror the same, continue forward with your own life.

The Mourning dove is symbolic of providence. Know that your prayers are being heard and answered to when you see the Mourning dove. Know that the angels are watching over you. You may have suffered a form of pain in your life, when you see the the mourning dove in your waking life or dreams, visions and synchronicity. Do not fear that you are alone.

You are reminded that, there are many others going through whatever you are facing during this time of your life.

Know that whatever choices you have made, that do not seem to be working out on the surface will soon find resolution so that you can move forward.

We are all here for a reason, do move forward in your life, so that other lessons can come about. Ask that you move forward from any present situations or lessons that do not serve you. Including, moving forward into new Environments, where your energy can serve you and your purpose the most.

The ascended masters will like to balance your life at this time with some blessings and rewards. The Angels are praying on your behalf, and so are those whom love you. Know that you are cared for in many ways, do not be afraid to accept the help from those that love and care for you and continue to move on from any situations that do not yield, even when you knock or ask.

Doves appear at a time when grief is necessary. You cannot keep going as you were, without first letting go of the pain in your mind, heart and soul.

When we are grieving it’s impossible to love at the same time. Because sadness is present in some way, so we must release it. Doves can symbolize the fear we are feeling in regards to the afterlife. (Worries if loved ones are at total peace)

You must not worry of this because it is as if you are not accepting what is. The inevitable cannot be altered. It’s natural and pain filled but it must be experienced.  When a soul accomplishes a mission, it is done.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes small babies or children pass away. I believe that it was certainly time for them to be in this world, but that they were reincarnated to finish what seemed impossible in the life before. Such a small task had to be done. That is why the time seemed to be cut short.

In reverse, sometimes loved ones only live until mid’ 30’s or 50’s and so on. The purpose is because their mission was served. Are you going to accept what is?

We can only cherish what was, not what we wish or is to be. Because it has not happened yet.

When we are always so filled with light, a time will come when we will have to grieve what is lost.

Grieve along the way. That’s what the Dove asks of us.

Also the dove asks us to be open hearted. Even though we have been hurt to place our walls down just a bit, and allow love to flow. Love is the highest energy of all to me. Because without it from someone we cannot find it in something. Something cannot replace the love a person can give you.

Doves symbolize the life of those who have passed on. It is a sign for you to move on. To pick yourself up and carry on. As their earthly purpose has been fulfilled. If that is in reference to a job, career or friendship rest assured that higher powers are assisting you with letting this go.

We can learn many great lessons. But we can never grow if we don’t open up to the possibilities of life.

Release your mourning so you can move on.

Affirm: Peace is welcome here!

Walking in parks with trees will help you heal and feel closer to the dove’s symbolism. To hear it’s sound is confirmation that you are in fact letting go of what was by accepting it. And assurance that it’s safe to grieve, let it out.

To simply see them passing by is further sign that you have accepted their passing. Your lesson may be to love yourself. Or to allow others to love you only then can you welcome a love that is personal.



Quornesha S.

All rights reserved

Thanks for sharing so kindly + with all due respect ©

Private Consultations are available to provide peace from your loved ones and ascended masters 


13 thoughts on “Mourning Dove Symbolism

    1. I experienced a couple of mourning doves appearing near my patio a couple of days ago. They were kissing so it appeared and they stayed a while and left. The next day only one showed up and he was coooing he returned today and did the same thing. I googled the meaning of the totem for the doves….. Today I tried further research and found your meaning. I was spot on ! My husband passed in January of this year and it has been challenging to grieve and even more difficult to move forward….. However, this really blessed my soul. I cried because I was just telling a friend this morning that I was afraid to allow myself to be vulnerable to love again…. I just want to thank you!! I would also like a consultation.


  1. This really speaks to me. A Mourning dove couple had a nest right outside my kitchen window in our new home. Soon after my son was diagnosed with cancer and 6 months later he had passed away. I always felt the Mourning Doves were messengers. After my son passed watching the couple and their babies helped me work through the grieving process for my own baby.


  2. I lost a lover.
    Two weeks ago I saw Dove mourning
    The message was not to grieve (God will compensate me)
    Thank you for helping me understand the message


  3. On August 19th. I saw two mourning doves sitting outside of my boyfriends house. At first, i thought nothing of it, except they would not fly away as we walked pass them. Next morning, I woke up suddenly from my sleep with a vision of the two doves in my mind, then i knew they were sent for me to see from the spirit world.


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