Angel-Confirmation Number 848

Channeled through Quornesha S. Clairvoyant Medium + Egyptian Healer: The Number 848 is a message that your actions and good attitude towards all in your life and all those around you is commended. Due to this you will be or You are assured of your financial blessings. To provide the stability to continue to serve as you are.

Commendation: Your authentic self is shining at this time. You are being commended for taking the actions you have taken. Your angels and ascended masters know of your strengths and at this time they can see that you are exhausted of certain situations in your life that you no longer wish to be a part of.

Let go: Do allow anything that is exiting to leave your life at this time.

Arrangements: Be assured that an arrangement is set to come about to empower you along this new journey. Know that you are surrounded with love and light. Be receptive to the abundance and prosperity that is now coming your way. As your angels are involved with the blessings that surround you.

Ascended masters are as guides to you right now, as they always are. SO do take action in the direction you wish to pursue. Right now the ascended masters voice’ are more prevalent right now and they assure that you are taking the steps to secure your finances.

Good Things from Here on: You will be very much blessed and from now on, finance will  not be of a great concern to you. Make the necessary predictions about your own future, in other words, be confident in what you foresee about your own future. As only YOU are Divinely connected to your angels. No one else can connect to them like you can. This assures Divine accuracy, as opposed to seeking further confirmation.

Trust your visions: Believe in what you foresee, as this is the next level you are headed towards. You will be able to create new memories with your newly found successes. Stability is key word.

Take the next step, no matter how small it seems right now, you can always go a little higher (A Message from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) 

Trust your own mind: Do not compare your inner instincts to what others can foretell or foresee. If your heart is telling you to go in a direction, even if that is insisting that you seek external guidance, that is what you are suggested to pursue.

You can change your mind, but make up your mind to move forward: (Card 34) If your heart is guiding you to take the next step in a relationship, you can always retract your steps. But you cannot take away what you do not contribute.

Psychic Note: Step forward to your dreams and plans and do not  procrastinate. The Golden opportunities aren’t often grand to start with. They are something you grow into. There are blessings of financial longevity. Be assured.

Numerology: 8+4+8=20 & 2+0=2 Empowered: Balance and stability in your finances are assured. 4 Is the number of stability as well as the number 2, representing balance and harmony. 88 Is a number of prosperity. Be assured that the ascended masters are in the midst of these blessings. Be sure to express gratitude for them.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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2 thoughts on “Angel-Confirmation Number 848

  1. everything is just a coincidence or unexplainable truth.
    every time i watch my clock its 8:48am/pm also I used the day i was born for ex. i was born on april 18 1996 and I used some mathematical equation ( april(4)+1+8+1+9+9+6 =38
    (38) 3+8 = 11 (11) 1+1 = 2 and on the other hand is 8+4+8 =20 (20) 2+0 = 2. can someone explain it too me


    1. HI Matt,
      It seems like you are guided to use the month in which you were born. I think a Numerology reading would be of benefit to you, If that is the case. On the other Hand, these messages are repeating to you to get your attention. The answers seem to be right in front of you, but has only brought you further confusion. In most cases this is due to some karmic work that needs to be cleared, therefore causing transition/transformation.

      If you have not gone through any changes as of late, it is sign that something needs to move on and out of your life. As these are obstacles and the angels usually cannot communicate how they wish with you, until you have been awakened. This may all seem more confusing or daunting, however, it is the truth, should you accept it or not. Nothing happens to you by chance. Go through the changes that come your way, do not run from them. Ask to learn from the lessons, occurring in your life.

      Quornesha S.
      A Numerology report can be prepared here.

      Clearing of the spirit is necessary. Hope this message is of help to you. :).


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