December 2015 Forecast

Fridays in December, very lucky/auspicious to begin something different and new. The good energy however, does not officially begin until December 6. What is so special about December 6-26? Shopping!

Well obviously for Christmas celebrations or Year End giving.

Take a bow. By February Next year it will all be a very clean slate officially.

This may be the time to buy anything new for your apartment or home as 2016 May not allow you to do so. Better safe than sorry.

Luxury items have to be budgeted or it’s an absolute no-no. (After holiday-regret).

What an exciting year end it will be. For all of us. Surprise gifts from the unexpected. Even promotions on the job or in your career. Everyone will be in a jolly mood. Make use though. Because by January 2016 Everyone will be a little bit uptight from all that giving.

Special announcements in December.

Special dates to note:

Every Friday in December 2015

Count Sunday’s As Well. These are the final ones of the year. So make due of the good energy.

12/12/2015 12+12=24  2+0+1+5=8  Totals to  32 and 32  into 5*Influx, bonuses, promotions, celebrations, new beginnings or horizons for the year ahead.

12/7/2015 12+7=19 2+0+1+5=8 19+8= 27 into 9 Spiritual Changes and transitions. A Time to spiritual Prepare for the Year ahead in whatever way that serves you. (Vision boards, writing, reading, research)

12/11/2015 12+11= 23 into 5 and 2015 into 8 into 5+8= 13 into 4 Make or making changes in regards to how you do business.

12/18/2015  12+18= 30 into 3 empowered and 2015 into 8 and 8+3=11 Illumination and wake up calls. Learning new wisdom so that things will smoothly flow in your life or business.

12/31/2015 12+31=43 into 7 2015 equaling to 8 7+8=15  1+5=6 Year ending on a very high note. Social life, work life,  family and home life improved.

Cheers and A Very Happy New Year!


Quornesha S., 

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All rights reserved ©

Thanks for sharing so kindly with All due respect. 




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