Angel-Confirmation Number 611

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media, Personal & Egyptian Healing*: 611 Is a reminder to assert your truths and to use humor to decline the unfair use of your time. Don’t allow others to volunteer your time, as though you would not mind. You have the power to choose for yourself where you’ll contribute. You are a unique individual and what you do cannot be found outside of you nor through anything or anyone else.

611 Is a notation, that relationships or opportunities are coming to the forefront but we are to assure that these are situations we want to be a part of, rather than, feeling assigned to do something. Often these opportunities are blessings in disguise, be sure to assert your value in any situation, so that you will receive in turn what you are giving out.

Only you know what you are willing to give up at this time of your life. Live out each day in a balance state of mind when possible and continue to work on raising thoughts or vibrations if ever they feel displaced. 611 Is  a reminder that our wealth is a blessing, in whatever form that may be at this point and time in our lives. It is indeed a blessing for us to use as we wish.

611 reminds you to create the life you envision for yourself and that right now may be an optimum time to focus on your home life or home aspects. What dream do YOU have for your living experience? What are the places you wish to go? What do you really want? Focus and bring into your life these blessings.

611 May also be an indication or ‘sign’ and confirmation for you to move forward in a direction you may have asked the God/Universal Energies to reveal to you. 611 Is saying, “Looking for a sign?’ Well this is it. No more procrastinating, asking which way will be a blessing and which way will not, just get to it, Whatever you want to do right now, get going and do it. Know that if it isn’t in alignment of God’s will it will be interrupted in a Divinely inspired manner.

You are to look within for the answers if ever you feel confused. You are to look after yourself as these are signs of self care and self love. When you love yourself you are incapable of keeping more love from coming to you. Do not feel overwhelmed when things feel vulnerable. Enjoy every aspect of your human experience, and when you cannot in that moment, pause and be grateful afterward. If someone doesn’t like you, they do not like themselves. But, imagine or think of in your mind the people who celebrate you, and leave all ‘hater’ frequency beneath you. Clear your energy as often as possible through praying and sitting still in silence while listening to your thoughts. Whenever thoughts are out of place, we are ignoring our instincts in some way.

Love every part or aspect of yourself. Including your ego, Love disintegrates feelings of frustrations, that when expressed, it heals. Love is powerful energy. But caution, not all love is welcomed, so be sure to only go in the direction your intuition guides you and walk away from situations where love isn’t reciprocated. Love is a process of receiving as well as you give.

Remember that what goes around comes back around, this is an empowering realization. Letting you know, that, Any efforts you make here on earth are never in vain. Whatever we send we are going to receive. You are to supervise your own energy and manage the direction of it’s flow. There are secrets hidden from us in this world for a reason. Because we are meant to set forth our own efforts to breakthrough. We each must make the effort and do the work to arrive at a sensible/extraordinary/remarkable place in our existence. Whatever you truly want, we each have to be go-getters, rather than wanting anything to magically stop by. Always put yourself out there, no matter what.

6+1+1=8 Angel Number 8 in this sequence is a reminder to use your ability to assert your energy in the world. You are awakening to your truths and worth or value. The combination of 6’s and 1’s is a message that these synchronicities are Divine. Get going in the direction you want, and do not wait for a  Yes, Or NO. Just do it, and honor your own unique power, which Creator/Divine/God/Spirit has Enveloped upon, within and around you. Embrace your unique anointing, as we all are, in our own unique way, never suppress your light. Own It!


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

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