Angel-Confirmation Number 755

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: 755 Is a message and confirmation for angels and higher source, that you are making the most of what you already have. Whether that is ability or resources. You are using your ability and surroundings in an uplifting manner.

When you express gratitude by using what you have you are laying a welcome out for more and greater to come into your life.

755 is a reminder that how we react to our situations expresses to Divine how we are able to cope in situations that cause pressure or stress of any kind, due to the level of success or otherwise. You are free to feel your frustrations and concerns, but you are requested to not dwell or wallow in whatever ‘pain’ issue or concern.

755 Is a message of forthcoming spiritual changes. It suggests that there are blessings on the horizons in your immediate future. Know that this is a period of gifts and blessings in order to make your life and the purpose you are here to serve, much lighter.

755 Can also suggest that a beautiful rest period that will illuminate the way for a journey to clear obstacles and assure successes throughout the duration of a goal and dream. You are free to receive these blessings and you can affirm being more open and receptive for better to come your way.

Know that things will work as they are meant to. Know that any present worries or concerns, will absolve as you move forward and release grief or any other emotions that are leaning in on your mind.

Be assured that life is a blessing and you have completed some very difficult lessons to do with past karmic challenges. Rest assured that this time frame in your life will be for quite some time. And you will be able to catch up with the elite behalf in this world. Know that with your many successes your obligation is to teach those you are meant to teach your new found wisdom to.

Be assured that you deserve forthcoming successes and blessings, and most of all, gratitude combats any discontentment you may feel. When you decide to make an effort to feel good about your blessings, you begin to grow into your positive frame of mind. And your life will not be the same.

Of course, life will have it’s challenges, but be assured, that positive attitude is a choice. You will choose what works for you emotionally, whether that is expressing the truth or only what you believe you see, or You will choose to be a creator of your circumstances rather than dwelling on victim consciousness. Knowing you deserve good, brings greater to you.

7+5+5=17 (1+7=8) Which is indicating that these changes have a lot to do with your karmic life and financial circumstances. Be assured that all blessings you receive, are all well deserved.

No matter how cliche being positive sounds, detour negative thinking and cleanse your aura daily with Positive and uplifting prayers and positive intentions to yourself and about yourself.


Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

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