Angel-Confirmation Number 2222

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: *Media, Personal & Egyptian Healing: The angel-confirmation number 2222 is a message of setting solid foundations for the future. Take note of the dreams you are having. Really pay attention to the intricate details. Decode them through your innate intuition. Adapt the occurance with recent life changes and happenings.

2222 Is a message to trust your intuition and move forward from there. Do not make emotional based decisions. Honor your ability in every way. As 2222 appears in your life it is a message to get going in the vibration of your purpose or soul mission. As this is a message from heaven that you are to use it to shine a light upon all sentient beings, from earth, to heaven, to all the energy around you.

More than likely this high spirited energy within you which you will soon or at present tap into, will bring you further or toward fruition of personal goals. Know that as you serve your life purpose, everything will come into place as it is required and needed along the way. Know that your presence anywhere is energy being poured out, as you are a light!

We are each responsible for seeing the innate love within ourselves and honoring that love. The Number 2222 is foretelling of perfect harmony, within ourselves, our environment or surroundings with others and with the world. You are assured that all is well, remember that you are a being of empathy, and you can easily read into the details of situations and others. You are to use the ability of empathy in it’s strengths and empower it in it’s weakness.

With the number 2222 appearing in synchronicity, dreams, visions or repeated messages it is a sign that you are one with all there that is. Connected. And you are feeling at your highest at this time. Honor this time and honor who you are, as you are working out of the vibration of you purpose and it is only to get better from here.

Wherever you are, you are there for a reason. God has a plan for you. Remember that no situation ever comes without it’s nuisances. Accept the flaws of your situation and ask to learn and gain wisdom from these particular conditions.

Remember that without a little pain you can gain nothing, without any trial you cannot obtain victory, without a test you cannot pass. Struggle is never a part of anyone’s journey, but it is a stop along the way. No, pain isn’t something that we will have to carry with us for all time. Just remember when you face and overcome one hurdle, then presents the next. Without obstacles you cannot overcome. So, don’t be appalled or fearful of your own challenges. As these are intended to help you grow and form your best self in every situation so that you can step forward.

Always remember that you are obtaining more and more of your best each day. That you are in the vibration of achieving your full potential. Do not affirm far flung out events or blessings. Bring what you want into the now. Even if you do not see it as of yet.

2+2+2+2=8 Indicating that this vibration is very powerful and you are to use this time wisely to attract whatever you need into your life. Use your wisdom in a way that you and others can understand. Release your fears, as right now is an abundant time and keep in mind that abundance isn’t just passing through your life, it is here to be with you along the way. Honor your good. Do not downplay who you really are, to make anything or anyone feel at peace about it or accepting of it. See also the number 8


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

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