Angel-Confirmation Number 948

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media, Personal + Egyptian Healing* Angel number 948 is a message that you’re stepping into a time where you are in need of clearing your space or decluttering something. Use principles of feng shui that resonate with you. Know that if you have prayers that you feel are unanswered, now be the moment to take time out to feel grateful and recognize areas where you are blessed.

948 Represents a new chapter in your life. With the energy of Your Divine purpose (9), heavenly energy(4) and finance(8). Combined, this number brings auspicious energy into your life. Making a prophetic appearance, meaning that, anything that you are working on at present will bring you closer or to, the victory you are here to attain. Depending on where you are at present along your journey.

948 Is a reminder that you are never alone. And you have a choice as to whom you will celebrate your life with. While some people we will love from a distance and some, we will embrace. This is our independent choice to decide. The Number 948 is a reminder to remain open and loving and bless others along the way, even if you are only passing through their lives. The beauty we express about ourselves, has others longing to find the same for themselves.

Whenever you are feeling as though you are alone, always remember that You are one with God.  Spend more time with yourself, Meditating and praying for your future. Praying for the love of those you love. Ask God to guide you to doors he has opened for you and to release with gratitude every door that has come to an end. As, it has served you for some time, even if the need is no longer relevant in your life at present.

948 Is a reminder that everything has a purpose and everything a season. As things draw near to a close, something new and exciting takes it’s place. Move forward, as things shift in your life right now. Welcome new energy by bringing in items that reflect your own beliefs. Express gratitude for your material possessions. As even though, we can take nothing with us in the after-world, it does help us to live a life more abundantly and efficient. According to our own ideals.

Do not fear to seek out your abundance. Do not look to others for reassurance for what God has already promised to you. Know that GOD is already working on your behalf. Mark what you seek as already done. The people who enter your life love and appreciate you for all that you are and what you are yet to become, even though they may not be aware of this as of yet.

948 is a number of compassion. Don’t demand of  others what you can do for yourself. Do not introduce ultimatums to others. How you put out information, is how you will receive it in turn when you need the answers.
Card 12 In Quornesha S. Tarot™

More importantly, be what you wish to see. Release constraints and Strongholds from your life through energy healing and prayer. We are each having our unique human experiences. And God has the power to forgive any sin if he chooses to. Release restrictions of judgment and move forward.

We cannot assume that anyone thinks any certain thing about themselves. As these are reflections of ourselves also, when we do.

Bring love into your home and surroundings. It’s time to be creative.


Whatever we produce we will have to experience, with front row seats, to it’s premiere into the world. Use your power of Judgment carefully and wisely. Knowing that with each new thing we learn, the student appears to learn from our newly found wisdom/insights.

9+4+8=21 & 2+1=3 The angels are in charge more prevalent right now, with regards to changes happening in your life. And things will radically shift and occur in your life. To make way for the next chapter or level of your life. Continue feeling gratitude as you deserve every special blessing that is to enter your life and those yet to come. Also see the number 3


Quornesha S.

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with all due respect.  

Psychic Consulting *Media, Personal, + Egyptian Healing*


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