House Numbers Symbolic Meanings

Channeled by Quornesha S. Lemon| Medium, Intuitive, Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Animal Reiki Master Healer,  Shaman, Hoodoo Priestess, Channeler, Life purpose coach & So Much More| The meanings and interpretations of numbers and their vibrations in our homes…when it comes to the home life, Business, or office space, storage space,  numbers influence more than we know. Not simply with an address. *Residential/Commerce*

Whenever you decide to make a move, these numbers and their synchronicities play a part, more than one may realize. For example if you decided to move from 222 to 810 this holds a very different vibration from what it is that you are meant to go through or face at the next level of your life. Changes abound. I am going to show you what these numbers represent and how you can break them down to suit you in the coming phases of your life.  The Feng-shui Properties of any home/residence/business must suit the theme or outcome you expect to experience. These numbers apply to your trailer/mobile home *where it’s stationed at the time*,  Permanent residence, apartment, or otherwise.

The 1 Home address: The 1 Home address represents a person settling in. It represents fresh starts, new beginnings. This home will benefit a person whose expecting many visitors, people get excited about the first year. It’s new, like a newborn baby. In a sense. In a 1 home address you may need to set lots of boundaries and assure privacy as you can get visitors unannounced at times, unexpected drop-ins. I suppose this is great if you are business address. But not truly suitable for the person who loves the quiet life, and the peace of mind away from the crowds. Bars, coffee shops, barbers, dental offices, legal, corner/convenient stores, supply warehouses will do extremely well in a one address.

The 2 House: Here you are looking for balance in life, projects and work. This home is suitable for those who wish to keep a balance of time spent with family, friends, self, marriage, also for couples beginning a family the number 2 home will serve them well. This home is great for consultants, those who operate a home based business. Those looking to get things going. Or have had some difficult new beginnings in the past. This home will serve well the retired, the entrepreneur as 2 is symbolic of balance. It is also representative of kindness and compassion from others. The person who resides in this home will find that abundance surrounds them. The number 2 business address will serve mortuaries, chiropractors, counselors and therapists very well. The person who lives/dwells in the number 2 address will be getting their life together and putting things into perspective with this address. This business address is also great for any spas, or physical therapists.   This residence/Business address benefits from calm colors.

The Number 3 House/home/business: This home will greatly suit the talker, the communicator,  those who have jobs where speaking in public, broadcasting, on television, or even on radio…The number 3 home or business address will bring great communication energy into your home as well as into your career. This home is suitable for vibrant colors. It is suitable for the go-getter the extrovert! Travel abounds the person who resides at a number 3 address| That is if the person who dwells here desires to do so and seeks after the opportunities or welcome those that are forthcoming. The Number 3 is suitable for pet based businesses, owners will find that they will meet kind ‘strangers’.

The Angel number 4 for home/business represents ease| The number 4 represents stability and opportunity! Those who dwell at the number 4 address is assured time in nature. This home is usually a private residence/estate or private office. It is usually near water or a water front property! It will greatly suit the chef/cook, or the life of luxury or quaint living. It is of the odds and evens. Either will do well in this address. Whether you would like to have the stillness and peacefulness of living on or near a river, or you would prefer ‘a tight ship’, where you host private events, and private parties. The elite of people dwell here. ‘Elite in a sense of, Celebrity, Attorney, Judge, Surgeon, Captains, etc’ People of high position live here| And will do well for the humanitarian!

The 5 Address: This home will do well for the middle aged person. And most suitable for individuals who are in the middle of change. As 5 is the representation of change and favor. The person or business that dwells here is that of a ministerial background. A family/group of people who are committed to the betterment of the community and will serve the leaders of the community at best. This address is great for the office space. The number 5 is great for beach, lakes, ponds, entertainment venues, bars, theatres, or even convention centers.

The number 6 address is great for those who seek to change or grow their families. It is great for the wiccan, pagan, priestess, those who help others along the way, also great for the social worker, farmer, researcher or educator! The number 6 carries the vibration and influence of stability, balance and success against all odds. Those who live here are risk takers. Lawyers will also do well in this home/residence/office address. It will do well for the entertainer or sports person.

The Number 7 home will best suit the spiritual individuals and those who are seeking after the spiritual aspects of themselves. If you decide to live in a Seven address, or do business here, it will be of a spiritual nature. This address will help bring in new ideas and will assist you in bringing many of those ideas to life. The person who lives at the number 7 address may find that blessings of every measure come their way. But also, trials of many kinds are also possible. A person whose willing to face transformative energy will do well in achieving their goals in a 7 address home/business/office address.

The number 8 address: The number 8 address is great for those whom wish to pursue their dreams of wealth, and having it all. If you wish for a lifestyle of happiness, an 8 address will suit you best and many opportunities abound to those who live in or at this address, and will do extremely well for a business that dwells here. Although some effort and work will need to be put into place in order to reap the full benefits of this address. Colors like purple, white, green or colors that speak of authority will greatly appreciate the feng-shui properties that vibrate at an 8 address

the Number 9 Home: The number nine symbolizes that you are ready to finish something. It is great for those who are introverts and like to stay at home. If you have grandkids, you can assure that they may always be over, unless boundaries are set into place. This home/residence or property will do well for, Daycares, kids play centers, child entertainment, or even social workers will thrive at this address. If you seek to gain an education in life or other matters, the number 9 property is most suitable for you! As you will learn and grow under the influence of this home. This property is quite small or large depending on the need. You can expect fame or to be well recognized dwelling at this address.

The way to interpret your home address is to add all numbers that are pertaining to it: such as 2223 *2+2+2+3= 9, 2263 *2+2+6+3=13 and you must add the numbers individually, like so… 1+3=4 and allay the messages of the vibration of this address.

Namaste & Ase,

Quornesha S. Lemon

Priestess of High Order

Yes, I am available for home clearing, blessing, numerology reports, healing, readings, rituals, and mojo bag creations| Please reach out to place an order when you’re ready! Thanks!

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