Diamond Shape Symbolic Meaning

Channeled By Quornesha S., [Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S. ] Diamond shape is symbolic for illumination and being awakened, mind, body, soul, heart and spirit to fully shine in the world. Whatever you are good at doing naturally and passionately will finally be able to stand in the light and shine brightly and excel.

Those who desire the light all intend to be in the light but not many know how to poise and stand in it knowing that we belong there. You are breaking free of potential and into becoming. Whatever you were destined to become has finally developed and awaits you. There is no one who can do what you do as you do it.

You are seeing the Truth: You are beginning to see the light others may have spoken to you about, about yourself. You are seeing your divine essence and you know what it truly deserves.  You can expect opportunities to flow your way and be assured that stability abounds in all areas of your life.

The Best, Still Yet come: Rest assured that any hard times are coming to a close and this will be no more in your lifetime. Something is about to shift and take place or root in your life so that you will enjoy the rest of your days. In happiness, serenity, peace and in joy.

Dreams Come True: Your life will be a reflection of the things you’ve only dreamed about. Continue to put in the actions required to continue manifesting your desires. You are making your debut in whatever area you are aligned to be in. Your intuitive abilities are strong and you are breaking free of outer shells.

The Best, has Come: Your biggest dreams will come to a realization and you will begin to have epiphany after epiphany. The oceans or waters are indicated, stating and foretelling that whatever you wish you are able to command and receive it from the universe. The Victim part of your life is now over. Take note of any final lessons to do with this chapter in your life. The sun is about to set in your life and rebirth will take place you will be renewed in spirit, mind, body and heart.

Old self: Your old self, no longer exists. He/She is far away. Your lessons/troubles will be light and there will be few sacrifices from here on. Your life is set to change. It will be as though you have stepped into a new realm or world. Take note, as you are set to shine your light for all the world to see.

Your light is shining now, but you have not seen your best days yet. The Diamond is a representation of the number 4 and 8 indicating that your angels and ascended masters are helping you to create this new life you are beginning to live. The diamond can also be symbolic for travel and a compass as it beholds 4 points and 4 sides (8), which could symbolize North, South, East and West. Do know that any travel taken at this time was meant to be and if it is not meant to be permanent, Divine and the angels will see to it that you will not remain and will provide a way out of any oppressive situations.

See also Number 4  + Number 8


Quornesha S. 

Psychic Consulting By Quornesha S. 

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 Sharing so kindly + with All due respect. 


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