Angel-Confirmation Number 728

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Angel-Confirmation Number 728 is a message of financial stability in your life. Whether you have arrived or will arrive there soon, this is assured. While money may not be a driving force behind the reason you pursue what you do, it is a tool to accommodate you along the way.

Know that whatever you need will present itself to you. You can ease any concerns you may have. Know that any dramas you have recently experienced will now provide the clarity in order for you to move ahead to your greatness. while the best may be yet to come, you will have your successes as you travel along your present journey.

Know that your faith in greater is acknowledged by higher powers. Remember, that you are not required to have absolute or total faith in what is forthcoming but that you believe it just a bit, and then let it go. Do not dwell on doubts or fears. Give up each fear to God for transmutation. Right now, you are being supported, and you are to acknowledge, yourself, and the steps you have taken to arrive where you are going.

At this time things will get clarified and appear more clear to you. There’s a reason why everything exists and you may feel that you are blossoming on a spiritual level as these symbolic messages come to the forefront. You will always have money, you are to continue envisioning your ideal in regards to your level of stability. Do not fear stepping into your own. Don’t feel persuaded by any jealousies.

Angel number 728 is a promise of financial security in your life, remember to express gratitude for this. And remember to consistently give up the things that are stagnant and not moving along as you would like. Give everything you seek  a time frame, for how long you are willing to do it. Be reasonable, ask yourself what’s a reasonable time frame until you move onto something different or more challenging.

Begin to value all that you call into your life and release attachment to all that leaves your life or things that you release. 728 reminds you that you have nothing to worry about at this time in your life and moving forward with regard to your finances. 728 Is a prophecy that something has passed in your life and you are to release yourself from the mistakes that may have transpired in the past.

It is pertinent to release any emotional toxicities as you move ahead in your life at this time. You may have come to the conclusion of stale and outmoded ways of doing things and are now ready to leap into a new chapter or version of yourself. If something isn’t making sense, it may be a sign for you to begin creating things in your own way.

All things take place in our lives for a reason. Every detail, every situation, no matter how we feel about it as it occurs/happens.

7+2+8=17 & 1+7=8 You are assured success in what you are pursuing at this time, pay attention to the confirmation and/or signs coming about at this time. You have the power to say no, to your fears, by taking back control of the flow of your energy, and moving forward in a direction you feel called to go. No matter what happens. Travel along this new journey as though, it too has come to pass, no matter how ‘good’ or bad, always seek to do more good in alignment of your purpose. Even if you are afraid. Also see the number 8


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant 

Egyptian Healing, Personal + Media

All rights reserved ©

Thanks 4 sharing so kindly + with all due respect. 



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