Angel Number 4

Four is spiritual truth and revelation, in whichever capacity you have chosen to bare your soul and shine your light on the world.

You must think highly of yourself as you have a lot of work to do. When you think highly of yourself it is important not to come off as too proud. Even though you are or you feel powerful be humble. That is the expression of gratitude to the Universe.

Naturally Four can represent the elements of earth, wind, fire and water.

Or North, South, East + West. Always remember your soul purpose, why you were created to be here, in this time and space.

Begin to appreciate yourself for who you are in this body, in this time and space.

Four is about Unity, love and service to the world.

Four is also a representation of who we are to the angels, guides, and ascendants before us.

You must find your own way as the law of free will insists.

When four appears repeatedly it is a sign of being centered and assisted. Whenever you feel as though you’re doing your work alone know that someone from a higher realm watches over you.

You’re encouraged to keep shining your inner  light and continue to remove all hinderances from your path. It is okay and safe to love but if that love causes you to miss fulfilling your mission, what good is it.

This can be interpreted as a love of things, situations or people. When it is time to lead, it’s time to go in a way that you will be proud of. You’re here and those who care and love you know that we are only passing through. And when this truth is forgotten or unknown. You must continue to go forward. Even if that requires that you leave something or someone behind.

Remember, we are held accountable only for the changes we decide to make. Not what everyone else can do in our place.

You’ve got your own powerful light! Use it and be legendary!

If the man fears the darkness will he be able to walk through it and turn on the light inside? Or will he who had no fear never leap at all because there was no challenge before him?

Use your flaws and all that you are. Your obstacles were designed as something you have to go through to fulfill the life you desire and the one you were destined to live.

Number four appears as confirmation that all you’re doing is in alignment with why you are here. Don’t allow opinions in your mind or externally to dictate the kind of life you will live.


Quornesha S.

© All rights reserved.

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