Brown Stallion Symbolic Meaning

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant: Media, Personal & Egyptian Healing: The Stallion (Brown) Is symbolic of Moving forward and is a promise and Prophecy of Stability. The Horse is symbolic and representative of the number 4! Know that something has started in your life. You are giving up your fears and the angels acknowledge that you are making the most out of life and the situations that you are faced with.

The Brown Stallion is a reminder to reach out to loved ones, when you feel that you are being outcast. You are not responsible for the priorities of others. Whomever they may be. Whether this is speaking of your friends, relatives etc. The angels encourage you to act of forgiveness and move on from any held up situations in your mind/heart.

You don’t have to try so hard in any way. Be cautious of the things you say aloud when you are venting. Enjoy your authentic self, every aspect of it. Don’t be afraid to get into the intricate details of who you really are. Know that as your life changes, you are changing also. Often situations fall apart in our lives to make us better people. If you want more stability, something will inevitably end so that you can be assured of what you are asking for.

To see/hear/sense or feel this animal being in your dreams, waking life, or visions, is a message that you are connected and listening to your angel and spirit guides. If there are pertinent messages to come through, know that they will come about. Everything God wants you to have, the right people, situations, and blessings will enter your life, so that you can receive. Don’t fear investing in yourself, and your future. In order to receive we must give. However, it is important to remember, you need not do anything you are unwilling to do, to receive what you deserve and what God has in store for you.

Take caution with how you present the truth to others. If you are willing to present it in a tactless manner, you are also open to receiving it in turn. Being diplomatic is for you, as well as all involved. Be positive, rather than demeaning. It is time for you to step into your best self. You are preparing to begin a new future. If there are fears that repeat in your mind, body, spirit. Ask that you learn from these fears so that you never have to experience from them again.

You are to keep up the good work you are doing. And remember, yourself as God created you. As an awesome emblem of his greatest assets in the world. Bring up the beliefs you may have about yourself. As this is your moment to shine. Call upon your spirit guides, angels and spirit, because these resources have appeared to you for a reason. Remember to assert yourself with whatever comes up, so that you remain in control of the actions you will take. To assure you are doing all things in alignment with purpose.

Use wisdom, and understanding, always. The Brown Horse is Symbolic of Fresh starts, wisdom, strength, courage, illumination, light, personal will, freedom, power, wealth, success, attainment, victory.


Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media, Egyptian Healing & Personal*

All rights reserved©

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