Angel-Confirmation Number 958

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Medium 

Introducing the meaning of 958: It is symbolism of the flourishment of a spiritual gift or ability.
You may have recently obtained news of an ability you’ve inherited.

Connectedness: Stay connected to this loving energy that you feel. Go with the flow of things.

Being Grateful: 958 is a beautiful omen. Prosperity will improve from here on and you will have your authenticity to thank for it.

Serenity: Let go of things that have ran their course. A journey awaits your arrival. It is not a question whether or not you are going to make it on this new journey.  It is a message that you will. You are free to set loose all doubts so that they may be replaced with thoughts of clairty.

It was always you: Only you can walk in your shoes and not others. There’s a new source of energy breaking through.  You can sigh with relief or shout with joy. But your life is about to change.

Faith: If you need something to believe in. In order to have courage and live a life you love. That is not the way you are supposed to take. There is something off if you feel depressed. Overwhelmed and nothing you do seems to work.

Dominant Ability: If your greatest or dominant ability is empathy then it will only make sense that the energies around you seem to overtake you. This is not an acceptable excuse. Anyone can teach you boundaries. Of course you may set them up. However. If someone or something has ran it’s course. No matter how positive you may choose to think about your situation. It may only seem to get worst. That is because the thing that needs to be removed is you. It’s time you subtract yourself from this equation.

It’s written and aligned: You have made a decision and it is written in a book. A spiritual book of the Divine will that you should take this path. This is a part of your fate.

What is really right: We do not always take the ‘right’ road. Yet as long as we do so in our lifetimes.  That is what matters.

You’re a Master: You have become a master at something.  And it is your right to wear your awakening or epiphany with power.  Embrace this new era in your life. You can easily cast or expel all doubts within your mind. It is up to you.

Be encouraged: You cannot allow hate/discrimination to discourage you. This is a very Beautiful omen and you will find that others support you more than anything. Now. Is always the best time.

9+5+8=22 & 2+2=4 Which is confirmation that this is indeed a spiritual evolution of some sort. To do with your prosperity and changes you are currently making. Working out for your highest good.  Make changes your intuition is guiding you to make. ©


Quornesha S.

Psychic Consulting by Quornesha S.

Thanks 4 sharing with all due respect. 

All rights reserved ©



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