Angel-Confirmation Number 517

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant *Media Consulting + Egyptian Healing*: The number 517 is a reminder that, we are not to ask others to do what we wouldn’t do ourselves. Do not trod upon the feelings or emotions of others. Allow others to use their voice, as there may be some things that are unseen to you, perhaps behind the scenes. You will understand all things in your own timing. Converse with others with respect and do not force your own views onto others.

We are all givers, and we are all receivers. We each have the power to draw the line or end situations that may not be of further use to us. Do not deter others to remain or leave. If it is of use to them to take certain actions let them be. You are not to stand in the way of  the work that God is doing through others. Often times, when we pray for an answer or solutions to our problems, we are the one’s assigned to resolve the issue or situation.

You are not to impose your energy onto others, as though any way, belief or pattern is right for them at this time. We all get exhausted, and you are not to hold anyone to a certain standard, as we are all having a human experience and are allowed to grieve, fret or fear in our own unique way.

Whenever one door closes, another will open. Do not expect others to seek approval from you. Do not expect others to sway to your every intention or advises. we all take exactly what we need and that is all. Do not persuade anyone to keep any habit, whether positive or negative. If this is making them uncomfortable to continue pursuit, allow them, kindly and at a distance to release these constraints.

When we pray for others to change, God Gives them a new mind, when We pray that they have a new mind, God empowers them to stop doing things in certain ways. When we want others to be more loving, they are around a lot more than usual. Take caution to what you ask for through prayer, supplication or wishes. As you get what you ask for every time. However, we can never pray others to be a certain way. All things take place in favor of the person we pray for. Not to our own.

Whenever someone wants to close a door, let them, do not deter them to change their minds. And the same will be allowed to you when you are ready and complete of situations or certain things.

517 Is a reminder of changes. The people around us are changing and we are to be receptive to their changing. And to look upon these changes as blessings to the person who may be changing, whether that is to move on, or be of courage through these changes and emotions.

Know that everything happens for a reason. Know that new beginnings appear for a reason. Do not assume someone is saying something differently than what they intend, when unsure do inner work.

We are each responsible for ourselves, even when we seek the help of others.

5+1+7=13 & 1+3=4 The number 517 is a notation that upheavals are taking place right now, it is time for this change. God is in control of these constraints being lifted and renounced. Although individuals seem unusual during this time, know that these changes are necessary. 517 Is also a number of misinterpreting certain changes or situations. Which too shall pass. 517 Is a kind reminder, that, it is spiritually inappropriate to allow ourselves to openly express and to constrain others. Speak your truths at this time. 517 Is a reminder that changes are coming about, and often unrelated to what we are expecting or interpret. 517 is a reminder that things will become clearer with hindsight. Also see the number 4


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