Angel Number 3

Three is the tri-power.  The Holy Trinity. You may even consider it as your third eye Chakra. The Triangle. Triad.  Or being fully connected to inner spirit. If you trace from the three points of each eye it forms  a triangle.

Three is being fully aware and connected. Spiritually. The Power of Three. Feeling powerful. When you’re a healer, intuitive, etc. You know it. And no matter where you go you will feel the energy around you and you will sense the urgency to be creative and communicative.

It is also the air force (Birds, Signs, Etc) When you see the number three it is confirmation that your prayers are being answered and that angels are watching over you to make sure that they come into fruition.

Three is the the representation of the angelic realm, the third heaven, everything of the spirit world resonates with the number 3. Also where God’s energy resides. You may consider it the VIP section of Heaven.

If you have big dreams repeat them to yourself silently when no one is around and know that your guides, angels and spiritual beings are helping you along the way. They hear you even when you are not aware.

Angels come to us in disguises and sometimes it’s so obvious that it just enlightens and brightens your spirit. Show grace and gratitude for what you receive.

Use your intuition to guide you away from places or anything that doesn’t really encounter you with greatness. We are the ones responsible for our own dreams.

You can have a dream as big as the oceans in California but if you never set foot on sailing, how can you arrive on time?

Try adding some candle to your prayers. White and Gold Or Green and Light Pink. ( Please take into consideration your own beliefs and religions/faith). Candles are super-natural and only assist with creating the environment for your prayers.

You may also consider something anointed such as oils, scarves etc.


xoxo Quornesha S. 

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