Angel Number 5

Five is the number of change, and with many changes we often fear or feel an urgency to see the finish line. You’re asked to trust your inner direction and follow it’s guidance.

Only you know your deepest desires so you must make your final decision based upon what you wish to achieve here in this life. Without concern of a past or future one.

Five symbolizes radiance, harmony and abundance. It’s about moving ahead without concern of what’s surrounding you. You must release your fears.

Changes happening to you may cause shock, fear or angst but you should not worry. Changes to come are for your wholeness and well being. Your angels ask that you assist with this transitional period in your life to the next steps/staircase. By releasing negative thoughts and fears. And learn to let it be.

These changes may come abundantly. Beware of your surroundings as who we assumed to be someone else often reveals itself during these shifts.

DO NOT affiliate with upsets as you may already have to deal with your own through the many changes happening around you, to you and for you!

Five also represents the ability to step out of what you once considered your comfort zone or who you once were and into who you are divinely meant to be.

Looking for change, the best way to start is within you!

Five also symbolizes the rainbow, the sunrise. This is  also confirmation that the changes to come are for the best of you and your destiny. What you fear in your mind is not the reality you may experience. In which case your fears are only exaggeration of an illusion. But it’s so important to be positive and uplift yourself and your surroundings!

Repeating number 5 is confirmation for upcoming  changes. Know that your guardians and archangels are watching over you and the transitions to take place so that all is assured to go well.

Keep an open eye for signs, especially signs surrounding the rainbow, or various colors. You are being empowered the strength and will to rewrite your path as you decide/choose.

When changes or plans have anything to do with your purpose, you can feel confident that you will always be heavenly guided and supported along the way. 5 Is also a reminder that you are releasing what is no longer serving you or your purpose.


Quornesha S. 

© All rights reserved.

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