Angel Number 13/Confirmation Number 13

We are quick to believe the harsh or negative news. Why can’t we believe that something positive can happen to us? I love how Optimus Prime said it in the movie transformers. “Would if we leave and you’re wrong? The human race in this story believed that the Autobots’ presence was the cause of the war but it was actually the other way around. Their presence was actually for the benefit of humanity!

I suggest that when someone tells you something negative, question it in your mind! Would if they’re wrong? The purpose of the number thirteen is to remind you that even though you are on the receiving end of such news you can turn it around to work for your highest good and that of those you lead.

Upheaval isn’t actually what it seems. When you need healing you are asked to take rest, to slow down and do so. You can’t plow through it as though you’re invincible.

The number 13 as your name or life path means that your purpose here is to live with compassion for the lessons you are meant to learn. Whatever those lessons are, you are asked to act from the highest level possible. That of love and empathy.

However if it is only a phase you’re experiencing such as your age or a number that reveals itself constantly, then hold on. This time will pass. And you will fully understand the reason for the storms of your life. HOLD ON! Nothing ever lasts all time. Upheavals’ purpose is so  that you will find YOURSELF, and shed the shell you’ve been caged in practically your whole life.

Know this! A new perspective awaits you when everything clears! Remember, people are not difficult to work with or be around, change your perspective. You can change your experiences by choosing what you will feel offended by. You can simply understand and make up your mind that the way others respond or react to you has nothing to do with you. If anyone chooses to go through life angry and bitter, that is their choice. If they choose to mother different babies by different Fathers that is their choice. Understand this! Their journey is not your own. You just have to make up your mind that you’re going to fulfill your own purpose and lose focus theirs.  and all the energy you put into being concerned with how everyone else is learning can be applied to your own unique experience. Only then will you have peace and be able to move on.

YOU SELECT YOUR LESSONS by how you react in any given situation.

13 Is also a message that you may experience some anxieties or impatience with something but know that the issue will quickly pass. What you feel will soon expel but as for this moment hold on and take the time to pace yourself. Having these anxieties or seeing the number thirteen is symbolic that; You may need to go with the flow of the situation. Instead of charging forward. See it as, you are simply creating your background or place in order to move ahead. Now may not be the time to take any action or dramatically overact on your own behalf. Stay calm and stable minded. If you think, act or speak too quickly it could cause everything you have built to fall apart. Do not play Jingle blocks with the ground you stand upon.

Repeating 13 is a reminder for you to not react to anyone’s unkind words. You are free to stand up for what you believe. Do not allow others’ opinions to cage your actions or steps.

1+3=4 Meaning that these upheavals have been brought about so that you can move forward onto new horizons for your Spiritual Destiny. Your archangels are surrounding you at this time, stay focused and dream as big as you can, but take small steps that you lead you toward the fulfillment of those dreams. Turn any negative thoughts away, by continuing to move ahead, but in a stable, frame of mind. Be content with who you are. Be confident in who you are.

Know that belief in yourself, and in all you are here to do, is further message that you are ready to go out into the world. When someone mentions a ‘thicker skin’ know that this only means to believe in yourself. Knowing you can do it and knowing you deserve for your blessings and dreams to come true is a sure message that you believe in YOU.

Do not be unfair to yourself and your journey. Think of the beautiful aspects about the steps you are taking. As you cannot arrive sooner than you should or, you are meant to. 

See also the Number 4


Quornesha S.

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