Angel Number 1234 Confirmation 1234

Channeled by Natural Born Medium + Intuitive Reiki Master Quornesha S.,: The Meaning of the Number 1234 is a Message that things are falling into place or rising at the right time, and space. You are to see the victory in the steps you have taken. As you have indeed overcome much, to be where you are, and where you are yet to go.

Right now you are releasing with love and in perfect alignment with your purpose. It is time to show gratitude for the clarity offered up to you, so that you could make the changes presently. You have taken a step in the right direction and the results will be empowering for you to experience. As ‘this way’ leads you to fulfilling your purpose.

Psychic Note: When something empowers happiness within us, this is a sign that we are on the right path. This is about what keeps up the momentum in your life. Good situations, occurring one after the other. Keep moving forward as you are making changes that reflect your authentic self. Know that at this time any prayers or affirmations or declarations are being answered, manifested and brought to fruition as you are in complete resonance with what you believe.

Prophecy: We are to only participate in every action we choose to take because we decide to do so. As participation, because you feel the need to, does not converse that you want to do it nor that it is necessary.  Know that every choice you make has something to do with your spiritual growth in some aspect or other.

You are in alignment with your authentic self, as you grow within this alignment your soul, mind, body, heart will adapt and become one, with who you truly are. You will then know, that you are a complete, one, whole Divine being. Or an Essence of it.

Intuitive Conclusions: It is very/highly important, pertinent, that you become your best source of empowerment as the next steps will require the confidence to keep up with the successes that are to follow the lead of your actions. Once you have the actions aligned and taken, as you are so inspired, only then can you empower through affirmations, prayers, spiritual requests and declarations. We must not become lazy in leading our futures for the outcomes we desire.

Arrive upon each dream with an action in hand as this is your ticket to receive the breakthrough, the blessing or the manifestation. You’re spiritually exchanging energy which follows the lead of the law of giving and receiving. Continue or equip an attitude of gratitude in order to empower your mind to always be thankful and aware of the blessings that are rightfully yours.


Quornesha S., 

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12 thoughts on “Angel Number 1234 Confirmation 1234

  1. hey , my name is kenny and i used to see several number including 1234 but i never pay attention to it , until i realize that something was trying to connect with me . i also see 333/555/888/777/222 do you have any sugesting


  2. hey , my name is kenny and i used to see several number including 1234 but i never pay attention to it , until i realize that something was trying to connect with me . i also saw 333/555/888/777/222 do you have any sugestions ?


  3. Pray good thoughts for me. Seeing many numbers 444 222 1111 1234 and 1244 thank you. Years ago a man did bad whistle toward me. So pray for positive thoughts and positive good in my life.


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