Angel Number 1

Channeled by Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant:Angel Number one is a message of a fresh start. It may be time to shift your perspectives about something in your life. It is also a powerful time to begin projects, or awaken to the repeated messages and signs and follow through on them.Use the little faith that you do have as encouragement to take a leap in the direction you feel called.

One is about new beginnings, only the start of something or getting to your comfort zone in what you are doing. One is the number of encouragement. Most may relate it to that ONE YES, from him. Also being ONE with self, him/the universe etc.

When you are praying and asking for your dreams you are often working towards them and are not aware that your work and efforts are paying off.

Look at it from a different perspective. Often good change does not feel like it should because we are at the starting point. The beginning. Where we should be. There are no shortcuts, so you have to take it step by step.

When you launch a practice or business from your heart and soul, things may seem difficult or as though obstacles are in the way. It’s where we all must begin from. Sometimes those obstacles are your blessings to get you to your breakthrough.

If things are too easy you may not believe it and turn away from exactly what you need to do. Stay in the race. You have to run it until you feel the most comfortable and take it further.

One makes you feel like you’re alone, when you’re not. Get out of your head space. Live a bold life, make bold decisions and choose to keep going even if no one else will like it.

REMEMBER!! when you’re losing, anyone can understand it, but when you’re winning get ready. You are to raise your vibrations and surroundings, as principles in feng shui. Where furniture and the home is decluttered and rearranged to be directed for energy to flow in your favor.

Take caution when in times of vulnerability. Seek authentic relationships/friendships. We all need someone to lean on. Be of use, rather than used.

Angel Number 1 Is a representation of New Beginnings. Angel Number 1 is a message from the angels that you are getting a fresh start, or new beginning. Step into this new phase releasing your fears. Take note of repeating words and phrases and be cautious listening to any negative thing you hear, as you are free to question it. The Number 1 introduces challenges, yet new beginnings. Indicating change of some kind. The number 1 also represents the ability or power to create a new setting. If you do not celebrate your past, do not become a victim to it in your mind, keep moving forward and let it go.

Do not fear  through clinging to anything or anyone. Let things go. And release every fear, as it does not serve you. Release inner conflict and negative, held up thoughts you may have about yourself and about the world. You are stepping into new clarity through epiphanies. Honor your sensitivity, in whichever direction that may be.

You are about to reform your life in some way when the number one appears in your life. It’s a fresh new beginning. Be glad, so that you can have more. Count the blessings you do have, so that it is not subtracted. Acknowledge every blessing, as it counts. If you choose not to count every blessing it can be taken away through upheaval as this is read or understood by the universe in the vibration of that which you do not want.

For more good to flow into your life, start within. With one being a Singular number this empowers every other number that equals up to it.


Quornesha S.

© All Rights Reserved

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