Angel Number 10

Channeled By Quornesha S., Oracle of Divine Wisdom + Symbolism 

The Number 10: Angel Number Ten is about being on a Divine Path, and a Divine mission. Zero always represents the wholeness of the creator and the angelic and spiritual realms. When you have chosen a spiritual path that you feel is right for you, stay on this path as it is being Divinely guided. Often when you take a spiritual journey you will find that you learn more about yourself and your true calling.

Staying focused on your own path: Stay away from fighting battles of others. IE, standing up for them when they should be standing up for themselves. While that may be tough you must realize you are agreeing to sign onto everything this person is unwilling to learn for themselves. When someone is tired of being treated in a certain way they will move the tables. When someone is willing and ready to change they will. Don’t sign up for battles that have no place in your spiritual journey.

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When we are healers (as we all are, no matter what profession we choose) we are asked to serve our purpose not everyone else’s. Joining causes just because your friends are doing so, making commitments to a future you don’t believe in (school and education). Do something that you will feel proud to leave behind.

When you serve your life away by ‘filling in’, you only risk having to do it all over again and again until the spirit feels satisfied enough to rest. It’s important to commit to a faith and spiritual belief that makes sense for the soul in which you hold. It is important to not lie to yourself about your beliefs. Love who you choose to love, be with who you wish to be with, but let this love be good enough to help the soul grow.

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Make a choice: We are in a spiritual cycle that is constantly in motion and evolving. You don’t have the time to waste it living your life for someone else and yourself too. CHOOSE!

The Dawn of A New era: There is an ending imminent or a move of some sort. It is time for new beginnings and you are being supernaturally supported. Where you were once angst, you are encouraged and will finally see what all of your tests and trials were all about. (See what the end is gonna be) While, as long as we live, we must learn to reach our final evolution as souls. This chapter of your life will never pass your way again.

10 Is confirmation that the universe is prophesying to you. Pay attention to the signs. There are Divine beings, even Divine itself, standing with you to assure that you leap on solid ground. A new path awaits and it is urgent.

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Repeating 10’s is further confirmation that all is going well. You are in the right place at the right time to reap what you have sown. The sun is in your blueprint or chart at this time and it will most definitely stay for a while. You are acknowledging the truth behind each situation. Your sensitive abilities are heightened at this time. You are in the presence of Divine. Listen to the urges he may be speaking to you.

It is finished. It is done. It is spoken and it shall be so. That is what the number 10 is prophesying to you. SO, with any positive omens, you receive at this time. No matter how they come about, they are for you. Nothing is happening by chance, as your trials are paid for the energy you are receiving. Things are looking up now. Be comforted and assured, it’s already getting better. You are blessed beyond what you can see. But soon, you will know. Keep moving forward.

The Divine messages you are receiving now in your mind, are not simply your imaginations, your biggest dreams are set to realize. And this is imminent or forthcoming.

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You are SET to emerge from the ashes, like a phoenix. Pat your own self, on the back. You are elevating and this has to do with a spiritual graduation or commendation from the source of all that is good.

Karma has been repaid, and challenges of the past are beneath and behind you. This is the end of a ‘stalemate’ period. A New Beginning.

1+0= 1 Empowered, New beginnings are aligned within the stars, any movements or letting go, or moving on is a part of your Divine life purpose and all is happening in perfect timing. Number 1 Symbolism 


Quornesha S.

Quornesha S. Psychic Consultant

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